October 31st Newsletter

Illinois and Indiana CEO groups visit Holiday World

Jasper CEO was invited along with four other Illinois and Indiana CEO groups to visit Holiday World and Splashin' Safari in Santa Claus, IN. Our trip was not vacation but instead a learning experience! We met with a panel of Holiday World Executives to learn more about their park and it's business history as well as embark in a great Q & A session. We were then divided into groups and given a behind the scenes park tour. Our visit ended with a delicious meal in the Thanksgiving portion of the park.  Our trip was also highlighted by traveling together with the Effingham CEO group giving us the opportunity to learn more about each other's programs.

Mentor Greeting Day

Part of the CEO experience is for each student to be paired with a mentor. This week we welcomed 11 Jasper County business people to our class and heard each of their business experience stories as well as why they were intersted in being a mentor. CEO students had individually created a rubric they used to evaluate each mentor prospect.  After the process they ranked the mentors they were most interested in persuing. It was a great day! Look for the mentor/protege pairings in next weeks newsletter!

Success and Failure

"The message today is on failure. But, there is a lot to be learned from failure. Success nor failure is permanent." - Jack Schultz

Through reading CEO students weekly journals I am able to plan our class according to what they are responding to and needing more information about. With the assertive students that Jasper CEO boasts, they knew that all of the business success they have been exposed to this year was not without failure. Jack Schultz, a long time friend and investor with Effingham and Jasper CEO classes gave an authentic view of business successes and failures as he took us through his business past. It was an honor to have such a humbling conversation with such a successful business man.  Jack Schultz is passionate about rural America and he evolves his business around simple, tried and true business models.

Student Journal Quotes

“I think he has a lesson that a lot of young kids need to learn. That is a high work ethic with no education is better than a low work ethic with a high education.”

“Every day we digest so much information and what’s great about this program is that you can be fed as much or as little as you want.”

Jasper CEO will host it's first annual Fall Social on Tuesday, November 4th from 5-6 p.m. at Farley Insurance's conference room. We invite all investors and mentors to join us for this networking event with this year's Jasper CEO students. Light snacks will be provided. We look forward to seeing you there.

We invite anyone who is interested to please stop in and visit our class.  Our class time is 7:15 a.m. until 8:45 a.m.  We meet at Norris Electric Monday-Thursday and Farley Insurance on Fridays.  Please be sure to check the CEO calendar also on this website to see if we are in class or on a business vist.  You are also always welcome to contact facilitator Amy Tarr for times and locations. or 618-553-2959

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The manner in which the CEO program is funded is critical to its success and sustainability. All funds raised are used exclusively for the Jasper County CEO program. To participate, a 3-year $1000 per year commitment is required. Business Partner Investors commitments of time and energy are also critical to the program's success. Contributions may be tax deductible, as our organization is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.

When we are not touring local businesses, we need a place to host the class. During that time, the 0 CEO students and their Facilitator would meet at your site where they would also have guest speakers and guests from the community attend. Hosting requires a facility with internet access and adequately accommodates up to 5 people.

We are looking for people to share real-life stories about the concepts of running a business, from strategic thinking, product development to marketing, and cash flow management. Also, sharing your personal successes and failures are what recent classes have enjoyed the most.

If you are interested in participating in any of the above programs, use our contact form to send us a message

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