December 12th Newsletter

A philanthropic community is a thriving community.

Joedy Hightower

Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation (SICF)

Jasper CEO students were introduced to the concept of philanthropy by the CEO/President of Southeastern Community Foundation, Joedy Hightower. As these bright, young students continue on their path to success we felt it was necessary to share the concept of philanthropy and the advantages and opportunities it creates to enrich our communities. Joedy was able to explain the concept of philanthropy to CEO students while also explaining about some of the great opportunities in the Effingham and Mattoon area that have came from generous philanthropist. Jasper County formed their community foundation this year under the SICF umbrella. Jasper County Community Foundation got its start because of the generosity and foresight of a well known local organization, Eagle Country Water Works (ECWW). ECWW provided the necessary seed money to establish the Jasper County Community Foundation. It is a vehicle that residents, businesses, or organizations like ECWW, can use to give back locally without having to form another nonprofit organization, which can be costly and time consuming.

The Jasper County Community Foundation is operated as an affiliate of the Southeastern Illinois Community, a regional 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The affiliate fund structure is based on strong local leadership and participation that is leveraged by the financial management, legal compliance, technical assistance and guidance of the Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation.

Check out more about SICF by visiting their website:

Economic Development Partnerships

Scott Bierman

Jasper Jobs, Inc.

As Jasper CEO students continue to lay the foundation for their upcoming class business, based around economic development in Jasper County, several questions have arose in regards to the economic development structure. We feel extremely fortunate to have met with JEDI (Jasper County Economic Development Inc.) twice already this school year and also Ken Larimore, Jasper County’s very own Community and Economic Development Extension Educator. However the JJI entity (Jasper Jobs Inc.) was still somewhat of a foreign concept. Scott Bierman joined us Wednesday for an informative discussion in regards to the partnership of the economic development entities in Jasper County. Jasper Jobs has been instrumental in providing land at a low cost to businesses who were interested in coming to the Jasper County area. The Villas of Holly Brook are one of the finest examples of providing low cost inputs to interested businesses that fulfill needs in the Jasper Community. JJI was created back in the 1950’s by several instrumental and dedicated Jasper County businessmen who knew that thinking outside of the box would someday be instrumental to the continuation and success of Jasper County.

Small Town Service

Dr. Scott Bloomberg

Bloomberg Chiropractic

JEDI board member and local Chiropractor, Dr. Scott Bloomberg visited Jasper CEO and shared with us his personal story and theories behind his practice. Hailing from Montana and growing up with a father in the service, Scott boasted that he has lived the longest in Jasper County. When he arrived in Dr. Doss’s office in the late 80’s, newly married and looking for a short term practice before moving to Arizona, he never could have imagined all these years later how much he would enjoy practicing and serving Jasper County. Dr. Bloomberg is truly a doctor for the entire community and publicizes to his clients his availability 24/7. Although he calls himself a “nerd” rather frequently, Dr. Bloomberg’s passion and desire to learn about chiropractic care and the medical field have made him nothing short of a blessing to Jasper County. He is highly respected by area physicians and works closely with them for total patient care. On a final note, Dr. Bloomberg discussed having a job, a career, or a vocation and the difference between them. He urged CEO students to find their passion and make it their vocation. Dr. Bloomberg’s final piece of advice was that life and work will have hard times but it will be more enjoyable if you are doing what you love!

Student Journal Quote

"I feel that we have a great support system and businesses that are compassionate about helping others in the community."

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