January 23rd Newsletter

Levi Richards – “Your network is your net worth.”

Jasper CEO had their first Skype session with NCHS alum, Levi Richards, investment banker with Morgan Stanley in New York City. He visited with CEO students about the importance of networking both in college and in their future professional lives. He was given some great advice in an internship that he passed on to us, “Your network is your net worth.” Very well said! He encouraged students to start that network ASAP and congratulated students on their first step of building that network through CEO. He also encouraged students to build their skill set and appropriate credentials to stay marketable in an uncertain economic environment. Levi also gave us some food for thought in regards to profitability ratios. EBITDA is a new concept for us that prompted us to discuss more in depth on Wednesday cash flow, income, and balance sheet statements and the ratios financials executives use to derive decisions from those documents. This is also beneficial for us to know as we embark on our individual businesses.

Tony Trimble – Manager, Jasper County and Clark County Farm Bureau

On Thursday morning, Jasper CEO students had a great opportunity to learn about Jasper County Farm Bureau and the many success stories that have followed its inception. Farm Bureaus are true grass roots organizations based solely around agriculture. Their mission is to improve the economic well-being of agriculture and enrich the quality of farm family life. Another great component of Farm Bureau is that all decisions are made from the ground up, giving agriculture a true voice.

Tony offered us a great review of not only Jasper County’s Farm Bureau history but also Illinois Farm Bureau and the active role they played in establishing State Farm Insurance, COUNTRY Financial, FS, Prairie Farms, Jasper County Extension, Jasper Counties rural road system, Norris Electric Cooperative, and our counties 911 system. Also highlighted was the fact that although the first farm bureau was started in Dekalb County, IL as an attempt to retrieve information from the U of I’s farm research trials, it has since become one of America’s and Illinois’ most powerful lobbying groups.


Being the chair of the customer relations committee has taught me a lot about business interactions. Our committee dealt directly with businesses which, with our early class time, can be very difficult and requires an immense amount of outside class time. We had to make a plan that pleased our customers before, during, and after our event. Communication was key within our committee and with our customers to make sure we had accomplished all the things that needed done. – Preston Street, Customer Relations Committee

Jasper CEO 2015 Class Business

An Outlook on the Future: “How to be Successful in Small Town America”

Thursday, February 19th, 2015 5:30 p.m.

Quail Hollow in Newton

Jasper CEO’s class business is well underway as committees are busily following their timelines and checking off items from their to-do lists. This event targets economic development in small town America with a specific focus on developing Jasper County. Dinner will be served by Thelma Keller Convention Center at the Holiday and the evening will feature three entertaining speakers. Mark Bolander will highlight the past projects and the projected future of Newton and Jasper County. Eric Carr will have his small town business success story about Crooked Creek Antler Art. And last, Craig Lindvahl will discuss what CEO is all about as well as talking about penning his recent book, “Things you wish you knew yesterday and other stuff you’ll need to know tomorrow.” We will also have several economic development resources on hand to speak with one on one, including Ken Larimore, Jasper County Economic Development Educator and JEDI.

Anyone interested in attending the event can contact Amy Tarr at no later than January 28th.

See me about our event on our facebook page:

Class Business Event sponsored by: Eagle Country Water Works and Farley Insurance

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