February 6th Newsletter

Ken Larimore with JEDI

Jasper CEO welcomed guest, Ken Larimore to our first class session at Superior Fuels in Newton on Monday morning. Ken had stopped by to finish up the last minute details on the program Jasper CEO is providing for the JEDI Annual Celebration.

JEDI would love for community members to join us on this very special occasion. It will be held Wednesday, February 11th at 11:30 a.m. at Hersh Hall on the west side of the square in Newton. Lunch is “dutch treat”, $10 at the door. They would like for those interested in attending to email Ken at with your rsvp for proper food planning. Lunch will be catered by Hartrich Meats Inc. from Ste. Marie and will feature smoked pork loin and teriyaki chicken.

Team Building with the National Guard

Jasper CEO friends and National Guardsmen Derek Meyer and Steve Fehrenbacher held team building training for us at the Legion in Newton. The intent of the activity is to bring teams such as ours together through challenging games that require each student to use their skills to accomplish. However, upon our reflection of the day it was much more than that. You see, the beauty of CEO is that 10 extremely motivated students show up ready to give their best every day. The complicated part of this beauty is that 10 very motivated students working on a common goal can get very…….heated? There are 10 very different individuals in Jasper CEO but they all have the same desire of greatness. However, greatness is in the eye of the beholder and how that looks evolves in 10 different ways in this case. Our summation of the experience is that we basically have 2 different types of leadership in our group, verbal and non-verbal. It has been our challenge over the last six months to figure out how to get the two types of leadership to work together in a complimentary relationship. This has not been an easy task for our CEO’s. There was much misunderstanding and finger pointing initially, avoidance followed, and now finally a complete understanding that we are all leaders with very different and special gifts to offer! This exercise in dealing with real-life trials couldn’t have been more timely as we wrap up the final touches on our class business which will prove to be, as stated before, one of Jasper County’s premier events of the year. You won’t want to miss it! Hurry and get in your RSVP or email for more information.

Jasper CEO visits Becks Hybrids National Headquarters

Jasper CEO will be visiting Becks Hybrids headquarters in Indianapolis tomorrow. Please be sure to check in our newsletter next week to see photos and hear about the world’s largest family owned seed company and our visit with owner, Sonny Beck!

Jasper CEO 2015 Class Business

February 19, 2015

An Outlook on the Future: “How to be Successful in Small Town America”

Thursday, February 19th, 2015 5:30 p.m.

Quail Hollow in Newton

Jasper CEO’s class business is well underway as committees are busily following their timelines and checking off items from their to-do lists. This event targets economic development in small town America with a specific focus on developing Jasper County. Dinner will be served by Thelma Keller Convention Center at the Holiday and the evening will feature three entertaining speakers. Mark Bolander will highlight the past projects and the projected future of Newton and Jasper County. Eric Carr will have his small town business success story about Crooked Creek Antler Art. And last, Craig Lindvahl will discuss what CEO is all about as well as talking about penning his recent book, “Things you wish you knew yesterday and other stuff you’ll need to know tomorrow.” We will also have several economic development resources on hand to speak with one on one, including Ken Larimore, Jasper County Economic Development Educator and JEDI representatvie as well as Barney Brumfiel with SBDC. 

Anyone interested in attending the event can contact Amy Tarr at atarr@jccu1.

See more about our event on our facebook page:

Class Business Event sponsored by: Eagle Country Water Works and Farley Insurance

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