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Sievers Produce Market

One of the things I am most proud of being a part of “Gen X” is the push for the come back of small businesses. As a child, “Generation X” shopped with their moms in small stores in their communities and only went to the large retailers on a rare occasion. Through our adolescence and adult years we have also experienced these small local stores liquidating and closing their doors as they have been shut out by the “big box stores”. However, with the increasing demand from the dominating purchasers asking for more personalization with their buying experience and the realization that less IS more, we are seeing a resurgence. Sievers Produce Market is a prime example of a small town business thriving in their niche market. Sievers was started over 20 years ago by local resident, Joe Sievers. Seven years ago Donna Finn started working for Joe and instantly become a crucial member of his team. Joe trusted Donna and Donna wanted to know everything about the business. Donna told CEO students, “You have to love what you do”, a resounding theme we here in CEO. Five years ago Joe was ready for retirement and offered to sell the store to Donna who was ready to accept the challenge. Donna talked to us about name recognition, new business start up in today’s economy, and holding yourself to your upmost standards. She also left with our students that even when you are an employee, you should treat the business like it is your own. Hopefully we will continue to see more small businesses, such as Sievers, continue to thrive in Jasper County.

Retirement and Investments with Steve Mammoser from People State Bank - Newton

Take note: You are never too young to start saving for retirement. Jasper CEO’s next question this year has been, but how do you start? Wednesday morning we met with Steve Mammoser at Peoples State Bank to learn more about the different types of retirement options and also about personal investments. Albeit an introductory session, it was very helpful to the students as they start to venture into the working world. Traditional and Roth IRA’s as well as ESOP’s were the main topics of discussion. Students had some great questions in regard to the how, where, when and why’s and Steve was able to give the students some great examples of the impacts of not starting your retirement until later in life. It is with the assistance from our local professionals, such as Steve, that we are able to learn such great information directly from the experts!

McClane Motor Sales, Inc. - Sales - Dealing with rejection and bartering.

Hopefully you have been following our newsletters and noticed that Jasper CEO tried its hand at a spin-off from ABC’s reality TV series, “Shark Tank”. After that experience as a facilitator, I took the opportunity to reflect and gain feedback from students and “the sharks” about what skills we needed to hone before we presented and worked our booths at our April 29th Trade Show at the Newton KC Hall from 5-7 p.m. The two main topics that were a consistent theme were rejection and bartering. What 17 or 18 year old isn’t afraid to fail? CEO is working to debunk the myth that failure is not an option. As a matter of fact, failure is an option and we believe that we often learn best and retain more knowledge when repeated failures turn into success when the work is self-driven. However, in a one on one selling environment bartering and the acceptance and manipulation of rejection become paramount to success. To assist us with these skills we visited McClane Motor Sales in Newton. Brad Mulvey and Chad Kinder discussed their experiences in bartering and rejection and shed some light on why people barter and that the reasons for rejection are more often than not part of the bargaining game that consumers play. They explained that as CEO students have now become the seller they cannot forget their feelings as a purchaser and the fact that you always want to be able to find the product or service you are wanting at the cheapest cost and they cannot expect their customers to feel differently. Their advice was to know what you have to have to cover cost and make an acceptable profit and barter within that window. An excellent day of learning and conversation with the staff at McClane Motor Sales in Newton!

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