May 1st Newsletter

Student Journal Quotes:

"...they expanded their horizons and by adaptations, they became a successful business. That goes to show that even if you think you have a path that you want to go through, most of the time life becomes a huge roller coaster, even in business." -2015 Jasper CEO Student

"It is exciting to be running an actual business and do something that actually matters. I have learned that you have to convey confidence in both yourself and your business as a whole, or your customer will not have confidence in you." -2015 Jasper CEO Student

Newton City Water and Sewer Departments

With the assistance of city of Newton employee Alice Addis, Jasper CEO was able to coordinate a visit with our local water treatment plants and learn more about the great benefits and value they offer to the city of Newton. Why is this a business component for Newton and Jasper County you might wonder? Infrastructure, such as our water plants, is key in attracting new businesses and people for economic growth. Because of the investments our community has made in the last 7 years through these plants we have positioned ourselves to offer state of the art, clean water and sewage treatment with the ability to expand.

Carl Baker and Tyler Weber met with us to go through the water plant. Our new plant was erected and put into service in 2011. The great aspect about Newton and water is that we are geographically positioned by a river (which used to be the old plants water source). Newton now has five wells in the river bottoms where ground water is pulled from to supply the city of Newton as well as now the city of Teutopolis. With the planning and financial positioning the city has established the water department is happy to report the last of the wells and the new facility and equipment will be paid off in July of 2015. The funds used to service the debt for this are then planned to be used to continually improve our outdated water distribution system. The Newton facility pumps approximately 300,000 gallons per day but has the capability to pump 1,000,000 gallons per day!

Larry Dorn met with us at the Waste Water Treatment plant to explain the process of how this plant, erected in 2007, works to collect, treat and disburse the waste water in compliance with EPA standards. The biology and chemistry lessons this visit offered were endless as we learned about how they use a limited amount of chemicals and an abundance of naturally occurring substances such as oxygen, microbes and UV lights to clarify and sanitize the water emitted back into the Embarrass River.

Jasper CEO Trade Show

I’m not sure what to write about such a spectacular event that will offer it the justice it deserves? I’m not only proud of the students and their months of hard work leading up to this evening, I’m also very proud of our community, investors, mentors, and friends who came out to support us. The CEO’s and I were overwhelmed at the number of people who came to offer their support whether through buying products and scheduling services or just coming around to view the booths and be genuinely interested in our student’s projects. The kids were honored that you attended. I have left below photos and a small write up of each of the students’ businesses. I hope you enjoy! If you were unable to attend this year’s trade show, please make plans to attend next year!

Kristen Frohning – Listen to Kristen: Your number one choice for event planning in Jasper County. Through her business, Kristen will provide planning and organization for various events including but not limited to birthday parties, family reunions, and dinner parties.

Christopher Pitcher - Pitcher’s Pallet Creations - Chris is producing furniture composed of pallets to generate a rustic and vintage look. Pitcher’s Pallet Creations will take orders for custom products for any and all tastes.

Katelyn Hardiek – KT Bows – Kate is creating a wide variety of customized bows. Her goal is to provide affordable, stylish, personalized bows.

Rachel Mammoser – Styling Up Your Life! – Rachel’s personal fashion consultant firm organizes closets, styles outfits, and shops for or with her clients. She is bringing new opportunities for fashion in the community.

Jordan Mammoser – Made Again: Furniture by Jo – Jordan will be taking antique furniture and revamping or customizing it according to the customers preferences.

Delaney Heal – Tie Up Your Life: Get Organized - Delaney will sell a variety of custom organizers for both men and women.

Garrett Hall – Clean Streak – Garrett has been running a mobile auto detailing business which has already grown into also washing vinyl fencing and siding. He hopes to provide more of a convenient process for people and their busy lives.

Michael Carr – Mike’s Media – Mike’s Media controls social media accounts for businesses around town that don’t already have one by establishing a Facebook and Twitter account and temporarily controlling the account for the business. The service is then turned over to the business once a strong social media presence is established.

Amber Quast – Amber Dawn’s Specialty Soaps – Amber is producing and selling homemade, custom soaps and other various bath products for the creative buyer.

Preston Street – Street Corner Bait Supply – Preston is supplying stores and individuals with quality fishing lures made locally. He will sell them through social media and other internet sources so that Street Corner Bait Supply will be able to ship across the country to any avid fisherman’s door.

Flying S in Palestine, IL

Our Friday found us in our neighboring Crawford County. Through contacts made with the SBDC we were directed to David and Penny Shaw, owners of Flying S. As their website ( states, they are positioned to fabricate rapid prototype and manufacturing projects. The Flying S team of designers, engineers and machinists are able to fabricate anything from carbon fiber aircraft wings to intricate molds and machined parts. Their current facility allows them to efficiently produce quality products that allow them to complete an entire project from raw materials to painted product in their facility.

After David’s graduation from the University of Illinois’ Aeronautical Engineering program he traveled the country working for aircraft companies and in 2007 he and his wife, Penny, decided to return home to the family farm. It was at that time that they decided to create their company, Flying S, to compliment Dave’s educational and work experience. Today they have 35 employees and are looking to expand not only their building but also their workforce.

The initial purpose of the company was to manufacture carbon fiber aircraft wings, but through the evolution of the business now find themselves working with multiple different entities, who request they not be disclosed, and making much more that just small aircraft wings. They stand by their motto that quality is most important and getting that quality quickly is a value added service. Penny also stressed to our students the importance of getting their education, working, and traveling, but if at all possible to some day come back to their hometown roots in order to assist in the continuance of their community and small town America.

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