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Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship Network Trade Show

At the head of all CEO’s is the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship. They lead our individual CEO boards through the process of having a successful CEO program in our communities. In an attempt for CEO programs across the nation to connect, they are hosting their first annual Network Trade Show on June 15th from 4-6 p.m. at the Keller Convention Center in Effingham. Jasper CEO is proud to announce that Preston Street and Garrett Hall were selected by their peers and the Jasper CEO Board to represent us at this occasion with their individual business booth. Please come out and show your support for Jasper CEO by visiting the Network Trade Show on the 15th. All are invited!

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Cincinnati Reds Trip 

As a culminating activity, Jasper and Effingham CEO students traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio to the Great American Ball Park to learn more about how the Cincinnati Reds baseball team does business. You see, the great thing about CEO is that our business visits are so much more than a field trip. It is a minute by minute learning experience! Our day started out with a tour of their facilities and the Reds Hall of Fame. After lunch we went to their gift shop and then met with department heads from the following departments: Building and Operations, Promotions, Ticket Sales, Reds Foundation for Youth. I have left below images with small text additions to give you a more exciting visual tour of just a few interesting tidbits of our trip.

A birds eye view of the ball park which includes over 42,000 seats. Move on, right? Nope! When the plastic components in the seats started to fail the building department had to figure out how to litigate, repurchase, and then replace 42,000 seats before opening day on a very tight time frame.

Did you know they water the field for over 3 hours every day? Underneath the field is an intricately tiled drainage systems that allows them to recycle this water and use again the next day. This field is also engineered so well that it can handle up to 3 inches of rain/hour without holding excess water on the field. Amazing!

Marketing lesson 101. The Great American Ball Park is owned by who else but the “Great American” Insurance Group. So that would be why a section of the ball parks upper deck is strategically cut out with a perfect view of the high rise tower belonging to Great American Insurance Group.

History 101. Look up the last name Crosley if you have never heard of him. What an innovative, creative, out of the box entrepreneur! He is responsible for sports radio and affordable radios too!

When you visit a professional baseball park do you ever wonder how all of the little things you are there to enjoy happen? In this picture the Reds logo is painted free hand every game day by a paint crew. Who knew right! Did you also know that they mow the grass every day?

Most people know that the brick dust outline on the edge of the ball field is called a warning track. This track is typically 3 stride lengths and allows player to know how close they are to the wall without having to look. Did you also know that in our history, people used to brush their teeth with brick dust? Yikes!

This is where all the press happens after a game. We also were able in this room to meet with the head of Media Relations, Rob Butcher. He shared with us his love of the game, the highlights and frustrations of working with professional baseball players and the challenges and advantages that social media has created.

Thursday, May 14th

I had the opportunity to meet with 2016 CEO students on Thursday in preparation for next year’s events. Students were given the date of their official parent/student CEO orientation which will be held on June 30th at 7:00 p.m. Location will be announced at a later date. We are looking forward to starting our new year together!

As we bring our year to a close there are so many people and businesses to thank. Please take the time to look around our website and see the numerous businesses and community members who have so graciously invested in our program. We would also like to thank all of those who opened their doors to our group as a host site, allowed us to visit their businesses, and came to class as guest speakers. This class is YOU! It cannot happen with just the students and myself or it becomes just another class. We thank you for taking the time to enable us to change our lives in a positive way!

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