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Newton Dairy Queen

Monday morning found us at the Newton Dairy Queen with Ken Snyder. He commended CEO students for all of the extra effort they are putting forth. Ken gave us his non-linear history and commented that looking back he never knew it but he was an entrepreneur “wanna be”, He stressed his experience with having good relationships with his banker, accountant, etc. Our focus of the day was franchising, it’s benefits and pitfalls. A franchise agreement allow owners such as Ken to have other people put their expertise to work for you in areas such as marketing and product development.

He explained the process of acquiring the restaurant in November of 1999 and being sent to DQ school. Ken emphasized that it was great being a business owner in the small town he grew up in and the overwhelming amount of support they have shown him. Ten years later he purchased the DQ in Greenup. We discussed the ups and downs of started a 2nd restaurant that needed a total overhaul. While he was in the business of acquiring DQ’s he had another opportunity to purchase the Clinton IN DQ. Between all of his stores he currently employs 85 people.

Jasper CEO Class Business CFO and CEO Announced


Congratulations to Natalie Woods and Brock Mammoser in being named the 2016 Jasper CEO Class CFO and CEO respectively. Our CEO family has great confidence in the leadership of these two individuals and can’t wait to see where they lead us!

Jasper CEO 2016 Student Journal Quotes:

“People don’t see the businesses struggles from the outside. All they see is the sales and money they make. They work very hard keeping the business going and I think what I really took from it is how much you have to work for what you want.”

“Also on Tuesday, Kristen and Amber visited our class. I really enjoyed hearing their insight on the class because they are the only ones who know what we are going through and what is ahead of us at this time. Them being there and talking to us about what to expect is going to be very useful for all of us. Seeing how they conduct themselves and how they speak makes me even more excited to see how I change throughout the year!”

Stephanie Kennedy - Human Resources Director for Champion Fitness

In CEO we are always emphasizing networking and socializing with new people in order to expand your network. During a Jasper County Chamber of Commerce after hours at Champion Fitness last year, Jasper CEO had the pleasure to meet Stephanie Kennedy. Upon our explanation of CEO she immediately offered to visit us this fall to discuss professionalism and its importance to our students future. She started our morning by talking about her HR background at State Farm where she left 15 years ago to take the HR position at Champ Fit back in her hometown in order to allow her more flexibility to raise her family.

Some concepts she offered to students were about their overall demeanor in the workplace, interview and resume tips. Some of these tidbits included:

  • Working hard, raises are earned and shouldn’t be expected.
  • Leave home life at home.
  • If you would wear it to the state fair, don’t wear it to work.
  • Never bad mouth your company, a competitor, or other professionals in front of a customer.
  • If you can’t be on time, be early.
  • Dress for the interview.
  • Don’t figit
  • Always be prepared with a strength and a weakness in your interview.
  • Always check out the company's website. Look for mission and vision statements.
  • Always send a thank you - hand written, after an interview.

Kara Weber - Weber & Co.

This morning we met with Kara Weber, CPA and owner of Weber & Co. here in Newton. Kara discussed with us the basics of balance sheets, cash flow statements, and income statements. As students are preparing for the class business and ultimately to run their own business by the end of the year, it is crucial that they understand the essential elements of running a successful business and accurate bookkeeping is definitely a must! Jasper CEO students had great questions for Kara as they are initiating their class business and working out the financial details. Students are also starting to recognize the abundance of professional resources nestled right here in their hometown.

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When we are not touring local businesses, we need a place to host the class. During that time, the 0 CEO students and their Facilitator would meet at your site where they would also have guest speakers and guests from the community attend. Hosting requires a facility with internet access and adequately accommodates up to 5 people.

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