Newsletter for October 29th

Roundtable discussion with the Lt. Governor of Illinois, Evelyn Sanguinetti

Two Jasper CEO students were given a tremendous opportunity on Friday afternoon when invited to a roundtable discussion with Illinois’ Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti. After a brief social time with various community members and leaders students were asked to introduce themselves and tell the Lt. Governor more about CEO and how it positively impacts the lives of students. The afternoon then led into some very interesting conversation in regards to the economic state of Jasper County, what impacts us daily and other topics including the search for the next secretary of agriculture and what the administration is doing to address such topics. It was truly a great experience for these students to not only meet their Lt. Governor but also to be involved in direct conversations about the challenges we face and what Jasper County has to offer the state of Illinois.

Jasper County Schools Superintendent Marilyn Holt

When Jasper CEO asked Interim Superintendent Marilyn Holt to come to class and speak about her background and job as superintendent it was with one condition. She would only do it if she could also hear the voice of the CEO students as she prepares to assist our board and community in seeking the next Jasper County Schools superintendent. This is a true testament of the experience Jasper County has had with Mrs. Holt, an invaluable resource for us to tap into but she longs to hear our side of the story, to learn more about us, and make educated decisions based on our community beliefs.

Jasper CEO students could not have been more impressed with her tenacity and professionalism as she discussed with us her journey, how she works within the confines of a budget, the governmental structure of education, what tax levies are and understanding that the profession of education is “all about people, people, people. In all businesses you work with resources of some kind, we deal with the most valuable, people.”

Along with Marilyn was Suzanne Hahn, former East Richland Elementary School Principal, who is also currently assisting our district on an interim basis. Today she helped to facilitate our group discussion as we entertained questions about what CEO students liked about our school district, opportunities for improvement, benefits of CEO, desired characteristics in the new superintendent, and how they would interview for the position. After a great discussion and as it was time to wrap up she left us with uplifting leadership advice that she learned from a former state superintendent: Leaders need to Lead Engage Act and Deliver.

Parklanes in Newton

Today Jasper CEO students met at Parklanes in Newton with Dustin Granby and Ron Granby who recently purchased the business in November 2014. Parklanes Bowling Alley Has existed in Newton since 1959 and still has most of the original features including the Brunswick bowling ball return machines. We came away from this visit with some great business advice. They started with the suggestion that every business should have a mission statement and then intertwined that throughout the day as they covered such as fixed and variable cost. They then gave us a great demonstration with 100 pennies and how the income from a business is distributed in terms of fixed and variable cost. We talked about the challenges of owning a business with three different components in the restaurant, bowling, and lounge as well as the benefits and sacrifices of owning your own business. It was a very informative day!

Jasper CEO Fall Investor Social

Thursday was amazing. There is nothing more I can write that would dignify it’s greatness. My tagline for this newsletter was, “Do you ever have a professional moment where you say, “Look what I get to do?”. That was my thought on Thursday morning as I stood back and watched 14 high school students perform in such a professional, gracious, courteous way that I was astounded. They welcomed, they mingled, they ate with investors. They just did everything right. As an instructor we are trained when students are performing to remove yourself from the moment and assess. Actually we constantly assess. My view from 10,000 ft. today was beautiful. It was a symphony of all the social concepts we have learned in the last 10 weeks all composed into a beautiful event. To say that I am beaming with pride as I write this is an understatement! The beauty in all of this is that it was not rehearsed or planned, it was natural. What progress! If you haven’t had an opportunity to meet these 14 amazing individuals, I encourage and invite you to visit our class anytime. You will be glad you did!

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