Newsletter for December 11th, 2015

WIKK with Bobbie Ashley

Monday found Jasper CEO at WIKK Studios with morning host, Bobbie Ashley. Bobbie is a Dieterich High School and Lake Land College graduate and has been in radio for 25 years. During our visit we discussed things such as how a commercial radio station operates financially and what the FCC is and what they do. It was interesting to learn that essentially the public owns the airwaves hence the regulation of public service announcements. Bobbie graces the airwaves every weekday morning on 103.5 and a satellite radio station takes over after noon. Even though it is a challenge to keep the commericals and weather local, WIKK strives to intertwine this information throughout the satellite radio broadcast.

Did you know that WIKK was a 25,000 watt radio station allowing a 100 mile radius listening area? Arbitron, and independent evaluation system estimates 70,000 listeners at any given time! She also explained that every radio station has a format. WIKK’s format is rock and roll that has charted on the top 40 in the last 25 years. Their target demographic is 25-54.

In Bobbie’s time off air she is a singer, song writer, and fiction author. Bobbie has just completed her third book and hopes to have it available soon! We enjoyed listening to what has inspired Bobbie to write and how she opted to publish through Amazon to make her book available.

"Fake it until you become it"

Wednesday started with a drive to Midland States Bank Headquarters in Effingham to meet with Jennifer Vahling, Human Resources Generalist III. Jennifer’s major in college, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, as well as her passion for Dr. Amy Cuddy’s work made her a great presenter to discuss with us whether or not someone can truly “fake it until they make it”.

In this fascinating presentation we learned lots of interesting morsels about power posing for confidence and positive physical demeanor as well as so great tips for successful interviewing strategies. As we talked through the process and research of Dr. Amy Cuddy we found that our minds do change our bodies, our bodies do change our minds and yes you can “fake it until you make it”, but a it is better put to “Fake it until you become it!”

Louis Ochs Chevy/Buick in Newton

Built in March of 1962 by Al Rohr most of us can always remember the Chevy car dealership on the southside of Newton. Although it looked very different and was smaller back then, in 1970 Al built the parts and business offices. Upon the dealerships inception they only sold Chevrolet and Oldsmobiles and it wasn’t until 1970 that they included Buick to their lines of cars. Louis Ochs purchased the business from Al Rohr in 1982 and has saw many car and truck fads come and go ever since. Today, Louis biggest sellers are SUV’s and trucks. One of the components of business that Louis is very proud of is the positive relationship between his dealership and the other competitors in town. Between Louis Ochs, Virgil Kocher, and Frank Koher, just to name a few, the years of experience with vehicles is overwhelming!

Jasper CEO learned about several aspects of business during this visit. From part inventory and ordering, to floor planning, depreciation and most importantly that customer relations is a value added service that people demand and come back for more. We ended our morning with a great lesson with several examples of the importance of buying local wether it be a car or groceries, or gas, it all stimulates Jasper County’s economy!

Joedy Hightower with Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation

Another foggy Friday morning found us a Farley’s with special guest, Joedy Hightower from Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation, better known as SICF. They are the umbrella agency for several community and area foundations such as the Jasper County Community Foundation started only a couple short years ago. The goal of their and our foundation is to create funds that are part endowment to enable endless future giving while still having the ability to fund projects and current needs inside of our community. The great benefits of our community foundation include: permanence, anonymity, stewardship, no set-up costs, maximum tax advantages, ease of use, local knowledge, investment process, and no pay-out requirement. Joedy’s over-riding responsibility as CEO of the foundation is to assist communities and to identify people with wealth and help them to see how they can best benefit their community. It is with the work of people such as Joedy, our local foundation, economic development efforts, and the leadership of our schools that we will ensure the small town way of life perseveres.

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