Newsletter for February 26th, 2016

Sales and Income Tax with Jane Smith from Weber & Co. in Newton

In the midst of tax season, you know you have a true friend to CEO when they send their #1 sales tax expert to explain how income and sales tax works in Illinois! Jasper CEO could not be more appreciative to the staff of Weber and Co. for letting us borrow their expert, Jane Smith on Monday. Today was definitely a day of practical learning as CEO’s preparing for their individual businesses learn the ins and outs of income and sales tax and how it applies to their business. To say the least, it was a huge reality check and the information gave students a lot to work on to make sure they are legal and functioning in the confines of our local, state and federal government. Now that’s real life learning!

John Stone with Connor & Connor

Connor & Connor started in the 1940s as a family owned company. The work as design and construction engineers for several municipalities and private companies. They have assisted in several of our county highways and bridges. They also perform services such as land surveys, wastewater treatment plants, and many other private projects. Their services start very early in the project and assist with budget work, bidding, etc. and extend through the completion of the project. John also discussed with us how technology demands has changed their working environment with the use of laser and gps technology.

Jasper County Board

Jasper CEO was honored to meet with Jasper County Clerk, Linda Huth, and Jasper County Board Chairman, Joe Bierman, today to learn more about how our county functions on the fiscal level. It was a very interesting day as we learned more about our budget, tax basis and the impending financial challenges our community faces. With the upcoming primary elections we also discussed voting, precincts, and the types of voting machines used in our county. We also heard that Jasper County continued to search for industry and outside of the box thinking to assist in generating more funds for our community. More specifically, they are looking for people like those in our CEO students to continue on with spirit of entrepreneurship and lead Jasper back to economic growth!

Tony Trimble - Jasper County Farm Bureau Manager

This morning was a very informative morning where we discussed knowledge, vision, wisdom, failure, emotions, and generational buying power. It was a wide array of topics but GREAT discussion! Tony strongly urged CEO students to think outside the box when problems arise and to not let knowledge cloud their vision, to not let emotions cloud their vision, and when they fail not to let it defeat them. It is what we do with defeat that defines who we really are. The last part of our morning was discussing the different generations that are currently in the United States. More specifically we talked about how each generation's view of the world is different due to what they grew up experiencing, the difference in their buying patterns, and how that affects us as business people. We left Friday morning with a considerable amount of information to think about over the weekend as this generation, coined “Generation Z” is just writing their story. What will their legacy be as they enter adulthood and it is their turn to run our country, make purchasing decisions and take their shot at molding the future. Very exciting!

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