Newsletter for April 8th, 2016

John Perles - Momentum Builders

Jasper CEO was joined by John Perles, owner, of Momentum Builders based out of Effingham, IL and member of the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship board of directors. John is also currently serving the Institute by assisting Interim Executive Director, Cheryl Mitchell, as they scale to a larger not for profit corporation. We were fascinated by John’s journey that included a stint on the PGA, his baptism into the business world through ear jewelry, and how he used all of his experience throughout the years to continue to grow as a person and professional, seeking out his passion until he found what he was made to do. With Momentum Builders John consults with businesses and business professionals assisting them in finding ways to continue to build momentum in their personal and professional lives.

Jerry McDaniel - Venture Capital

Jerry McDaniel hosted us on Tuesday morning as we discovered the world of venture capial, hedge funds, private equity, and angel investing. As always with Jerry, we learned so much more. We also discussed the common sense approach to investing and managing finances even at the young ages of the CEO students. It will be so exciting to see twenty years from now how they have taken the skills learned through CEO to build their own businesses and personal wealth.

Chris Probst

Wednesday morning found us in northern Jasper County at the Chris and Beth Probst farm. Jasper County’s predominant industry is agriculture. So, it only makes sense that we know about the business of farming. A University of Illinois graduate, Chris discussed with us his journey from lending with Farm Credit to the path that lead him back to the family farm. He emphasized that it is important to have goals and plans to keep focus. He also recommended that regardless of the students majors they all take an accounting class. It is crucial that they be able to understand the concepts of cash flow and income statements as well as balance sheets and how to read them and see historical trends. Our morning ended with a farm tour, which our students couldn’t get enough of!

Kelly Hemrich

We were joined on Thursday by Kelly Hemrich with Mary Kay Cosmetics to discuss one on one selling and the approach to sales. She also emphasized the importance of goal setting to progress as well as tips for our trade show booths such as having a drawing to gain customer info to use for later contact. We also discussed how to handle objections through the feel, felt, found method and most importantly the importance of building relationships with customers. With the impending trade show, Kelly was sure to include the importance of “finding the why” and “loving your product” as we prepare our elevator pitches.

Class Day

Friday was no ordinary class day. Of course we did the usual thank you cards to speakers and businesses we had visited along with a summary discussion of the weeks event. However, todays discussions were highlighted by a room full of guests from across the midwest and Colorado. Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship brought over the board members who participated in the first monthly onboarding training during the last two days. It was a delight for students to field questions from first time board members in regards to the program in general, the CEO experience from the students point of view, and lots and lots of advice, both ways. It is always a pleasure to have guests any day of CEO. If you are reading this, we would love to have you too. Feel free to stop by anytime!

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