Tradeshow Special Edition

2016 Jasper CEO Tradeshow

Wow! Where to start? Our students did a fabulous job preparing and executing their individual businesses. The professionalism of not only their product and booth but also their personal presentation was spectacular. The community turnout was incredible! We can't thank you enough for coming to support our class and your generosity through purchases was extraordinary! A huge thank you to People's State Bank of Newton for their sponsorship for this event. Your ongoing support and dedication to our CEO program is appreciated! Enjoy the pics from the evening!

Jaclyn Kuenstler - JK Bloomin: Jaclyn sold a variety of vegetables and flowers. Jaclyn is also made and sold metal flowers made from recycled tin cans.

McKendra Barthelme - McFitness:

McKendra sold her own line of sports headbands. She also is offering instructional fitness classes and private tumbling lessons for kids.

Megan Zumbahlen - M.C. Tots:Megan created four basic baby products: car seat canopies, hooded towels, pacifier clips, and receiving blankets. M.C. Tots focuses on children between the ages of 0-5 year old.

Logan Huston - Huston Metal Works: Logan is selling different metal art items that he is custom making. He will also be providing custom welding and blacksmithing services to create items to fit with any occasion.

Ariel Richards - HOOPS 4 HER: Ariel will be offering basketball instructions to girls from second through fourth grade.

Colton Angel & Brock Mammoser - AquaLabels: Colton and Brock provide businesses, schools, and even events with custom labeled water bottles. These provide clever and effective advertising for consumers.

Kamille Kerner - Gemma Giraffe:

Kamille is heat pressing different colors and styles of t-shirts with her own giraffe logos with a portion of the proceeds going to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation in Africa.

Madalyn Woodard - Maddie Shae Butter: Madalyn will be providing customers with a wide variety of homemade scented lotions.

Donovan Cantrell - Cantrell’s Crafts: Donovan sold custom craft items along with standard craft products. The standard products included candy bouquets and wreaths among other things. 

Jaden Jones - Shades by Jade: Jaden is selling custom hand-made promotional pinhole sunglasses. They can be used for businesses, school sports, bridal parties, birthday parties, weddings, benefit runs, and more. Your future's so bright, you'll need these Shades!

Ty Litzelman - Newton Leadership Workshop: Ty will be hosting a leadership workshop for high school students within Jasper County. Students will enhance social relations and recognize their role within a team through team building activities

Natalie Woods - How It Crumbles: Natalie sold homemade cookie and instant brownie mixes in a jar for on-the-go families and people with busy lives.

Congratulations to Brock Mammoser (pictured with Beth Probst, NCHS Principal and Jasper CEO Board Secretary) for being named the 2016 Jasper CEO Entrepreneuer of the Year.  Jasper CEO votes on this prestigious honor using the following criteria: 

1. Student has met the criteria of running a business and has aggresively worked to grow it.

2. Student has plans to continue the business past the CEO class.

3. Student had an active leadership role in the class business.

4. Contributed during class days, business visits and guest speakers with their ideas, opinions and asked questions to visitors and of businesses.

5. Personal skills have grown and student is able to communicate with different types of people in any situation.

6. Can accurately and comfortably speak in public about the purpose and mission of CEO as well as commuicate what the class is about. 

Congratulations to Logan Huston and Jackie Kuenstler (pictured with Lynette Huddlestun) for being named the first scholarship recipients from the Jasper CEO Scholarship fund. This fund was started last year by the 2015 Jasper CEO class and has had multiple gracious contributions from Eagle Country Water Works. 

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When we are not touring local businesses, we need a place to host the class. During that time, the 0 CEO students and their Facilitator would meet at your site where they would also have guest speakers and guests from the community attend. Hosting requires a facility with internet access and adequately accommodates up to 5 people.

We are looking for people to share real-life stories about the concepts of running a business, from strategic thinking, product development to marketing, and cash flow management. Also, sharing your personal successes and failures are what recent classes have enjoyed the most.

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