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The Art of Conversation

Bob Schultz

In CEO, one of the most important factors we learn is called “producing the wow”. It has several different elements but is essentially fairly simple. Some of those essential elements to this production is the ability to shake someone's hand, look them in the eye, introduce yourself, and have a meaningful, professional, mature conversation. If you are 50 and reading this you may be wondering what the big deal is about that. If you are 17 and reading this you know why we brought in an expert. Such simple skills are typically learned over time and through trial and error. However, in CEO, we want those skills to be first and foremost. Again this year, we brought in Bob Schultz from Effingham, IL to share with us the “Art of Conversation” which encompasses all of the above. Bob also reminded our students that embracing and practicing the CEO concept and the art of conversation pits them in the top 1% of college kids in the nation. Colleges are starting to actively seek CEO students because of their soft skills and determination!


Dave Blecha

In preparation for the start of conversation involving this year's class business it is necessary to fully understand and appreciate the concept of brainstorming. Dave Blecha of Newton and Evapco employee, came to us on Tuesday with great strategies to engage upon as we start class business conversations and helped us by facilitating the initial process. The great part of today was a new strategy called “brain-writing”. This is still a brainstorming process but it allows everyone in the room a voice and individual ideas whereas before they may hold back or allow the conversation at hand to influence their thoughts. It was very impactful and we had over 60 class business ideas!

Newton Broom and Brush, Inc.

Don Leventhal

At this point in our CEO year, students are starting to recognize that we have so many amazing businesses here in Jasper County and Newton Broom and Brush is definitely in the top. Although it is small in nature the impact they have in the broom and brush industry is mighty. This visit captures so many of our key concepts in CEO including manufacturing, inventory management, foreign and domestic goods, and many others! The history of the company is also fascinating especially coming from owner, Don Leventhal whose family and extended family have been in the broom business since 1914!

Friday Class Day

Friday, September 16th

Class Day

Visitors to CEO are what make it an even more impactful experience. Today, we had 3 students from the Jasper CEO 2016 class attend. This was great timing as we start to unveil ideas about our class business giving students an opportunity to ask last years students about their experience.

We were blessed with six visitors to CEO this week. It was wonderful! Please know anyone is welcome to visit on a guest speaker or class day. If you would like to attend a business visit, please contact Amy Tarr in advance so we can make sure our host can accommodate!

Have you checked out our new students pics and bios on the student tab of our web page. Go there now to see all their beautiful faces!

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