Newsletter for October 21st, 2016

CEO Business Visits

Tuscan Hills Winery - Hospitality

Wes and Wanda Pitcher

A beautiful fall Monday morning found us in Effingham visiting Jasper CEO investor, Tuscan Hills Winery with owners Wes and Wanda Pitcher. Our topics of conversation included the importance of diversification in business as we talked about the three businesses they owned: the winery, their swine farm, and their Canadian outpost. We also took the opportunity to discuss business plans as we will be embarking on that adventure starting next week for our class business. Wanda best described a business plan as being a living, breathing document that is always changing but serves as a basis for clarification and vision for the business. As we discussed the importance of hospitality we were reminded to greet people immediately as they walk through the door, continue the communication with them throughout the visit, and offer appropriate food and drink. We also discussed how to conduct ourselves now and in the future in business social situations. It was a great visit and a perfect way to start another wonderful week!

Newton Dairy Queen

Ken Snyder

As future entrepreneurs there is probably no better words Jasper CEO could hear from Ken Snyder, “Newton was so supportive of this store when I took ownership 16 years ago. This community is very supportive of local small businesses.” The Newton Dairy Queen is Ken’s flagship store as he now owns four stores in both Illinois and Indiana. It was a great opportunity to meet with Ken and learn more about the pros and cons of franchising in general. Students felt it was very interesting to hear about all the benefits of franchising as that alludes to all aspects of a business that must occur regardless of a franchise association or not.

Total Printing Systems in Newton

Rick Lindemann

A rainy Thursday morning found us with owner of TPS in Newton, Rick Lindemann. After a tour of the facility and an introduction to the many pieces of machinery required to run a short run printing company we visited with Rick in the conference room about the many aspects of his company and how it has changed so dramatically since its inception in 1972 by his parents Rick and Wendy Lindemann. Rick stated that it has been interesting to watch the print industry change with the dramatic inception of digital media. Those in the print industry who have survived are those who have adapted to the change and that is exactly what the Lindemann family did through their adaptations from initially printing business cards and letterhead to working through government contracts to today’s short run printing. Rick also discussed the constant monitoring of efficiencies not only on a building level but also when viewing industry standards.

Class Day with a special guest

Rachel Mammoser

Today was our usual busy Friday class day with a focus on reflecting on the past week, hearing one of Craig Lindvahl’s life lessons, and finally down to business with our class business. However, today we had a first year Jasper CEO alumni, Rachel Mammoser, home on fall break visit our class and discuss story boarding and advertising with us. As we are embarking on our class business advertising will be one of the key elements to our success. We are always looking to bring home alumni to share their stories with us! Please stop in and see us anytime.

Student Journal Highlights for this week

“…she asked what I thought about school and regular classes now that I am in CEO. I said I just wish everyone else in my classes would understand that everyone thinks differently, and that it is okay to see things different than someone else. None of my other classes compare to CEO when it comes to maturity and motivation.”

Lesley Woods

Lesley Woods
Friday, October 21, 2016Learn More About Lesley

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