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CEO Business Visits

Recruitment Day

It's hard to believe but we are already starting our recruiting for the 2018 Jasper CEO Class. Current Jasper CEO students met with NCHS sophomores and juniors today to educate all students and to encourage interested students to apply. Applications can be picked up in the NCHS Guidance Office. The application deadline is Wednesday, December 21st.

Momentum Builders

John Perles
John Perles with Momentum Builders visited with Jasper CEO students today on their class business and also the principles of Momentum Builders which is, "Your Life is Your Business". John was a great assistance in helping students to clarify the purpose and driving forces of their upcoming event as well as to assist in the organization and accountability of the teams. John brought booklets for each student that can assist them as they set personal and professional life goals for themselves and to encourage balance in their lives. 


Craig Weber
Jasper Ceo was pleased to host local attorney, Craig Weber, to discuss different types of business structures. Craig has served the Jasper and Crawford area as an attorney for the past 19 years. Some key words from todays visit were: taxation, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, risk, liability, and exposure, just to name a few. Students had some great questions for Craig today as they embark on their own personal businesses. They asked several questions including asking for clarity on trusts and how to properly record your business. It is always a huge benefit to our class when Craig visits!


Dustin and Ron Granby

Parklanes. A timeless tradition in Jasper County. Today we met with owner Dustin Granby and his business associate and also father, Ron Granby to discuss the business. Dustin and Ron shared that 3 key ingredients to any successful business is a good attorney, a good accountant, and a good lender. Advice we are given frequently! As CEO founder Craig Lindvahl says, if you are hearing it over and over again, it must means it is important and we need to take heed! 

Ron also discussed with us the importance of taking care of our credit score as future business owners. Jasper CEO students asked many question about the businesses including licensing, suppliers, inventory, employees, customer loyalty, and margins. One of the highlights of this visit is the penny demonstration where Ron takes 100 pennies and divides it out to the students to demonstrate how ever dollar brought in is used to cover business expense. This is a huge eye opener as these young entrepreneurs are on the brink of starting their own business!

Class Day

Manufacturing is not dead in the U.S......

When you ask a CEO student to describe CEO you will often find they struggle for the words. The reason for this is that at that point there are millions of ideas and experiences flashing through their mind as they try to describe what they do. You see, everyday is different. Ya, right? Absolutely. Understandably, no two days are ever the same for anyone. However, in CEO, they really are starkly different. It is part of what keeps these kids rolling out of bed really early each morning and keeps the facilitator on her toes. I have shared with you below a link that I was sent from our dear friends and Jasper CEO investors, Agracel. The purpose of CEO programs around the country is to progress and expedite rural economic development. As facilitators and the community at large we are charged with exposing these students to the realities of the world around them including history, politics, government, industry, cultures, etc. I have left the link below in hopes that some of you will watch and share a small piece of what it is like to be a CEO student. The community is their classroom, the investors are their guideposts, mentors, and net-working resources. It is an amazing opportunity and a leg-up on their like-aged peers!

2017 Class Business Announced!!!

2017 Jasper CEO Students

A special thank you to our event sponsors:

 Hartrich Meats

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The manner in which the CEO program is funded is critical to its success and sustainability. All funds raised are used exclusively for the Jasper County CEO program. To participate, a 3-year $1000 per year commitment is required. Business Partner Investors commitments of time and energy are also critical to the program's success. Contributions may be tax deductible, as our organization is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.

When we are not touring local businesses, we need a place to host the class. During that time, the 0 CEO students and their Facilitator would meet at your site where they would also have guest speakers and guests from the community attend. Hosting requires a facility with internet access and adequately accommodates up to 5 people.

We are looking for people to share real-life stories about the concepts of running a business, from strategic thinking, product development to marketing, and cash flow management. Also, sharing your personal successes and failures are what recent classes have enjoyed the most.

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