Newsletter for February 10th, 2017

Crop IMS

Jeremy Wilson

Monday morning found us in an intriguing conversation with Jeremy Wilson about Ag data management, ag data hardware and software and how Crop IMS helps to assist farmers in becoming the most efficient and profitable as they can be. Jeremy and Crop IMS have created several spin off companies from the parent company so Jeremy is well versed in business plans. This made Jeremy a very interesting person as each of the CEO class members are in the process of researching and writing their own personal business plan. Jeremy told Jasper CEO students to be sure and “define what your business will do for your customer.” That may be simple advice, but many startup businesses leave out this simple factor as they are so passionate about what the business will do for them.

Being a wise consumer

Kyle Klier

CEO students have asked for more information on how to be a smart consumer, good credit practices when getting started, and the basics about loans. CEO mentor, Kyle Kier, joined the class Tuesday morning to discuss these factors. He emphasized the 3 Keys of Trust in banking: Character, Capacity, and Capital. We also had the opportunity to view sample credit reports and discuss how to establish and maintain great credit which will work to their advantage in the future!

Fake it until you become it!

Jennifer Vahling - Midland States Bank Headquarters

Wednesday was a tremendous day for Jasper CEO students as we spent the day in Effingham. We started at Midland States Bank Headquarters with the second part of Jennifer Vahling’s presentation, “Fake it until you become it”. Jennifer discussed with us the work of Dr. Amy Cuddy. More specifically, we learned about nonverbal powerdynamics, such as power posing, and how our bodies can and do effect our mental state and behaviors. We discussed how this comes into play not only today but also in college and their professional lives. These conversations also lead to even more great discussion about corporate America, hiring practices, affirmative action and much more. Overall, priceless information at just the right time for Jasper CEO students!

The remainder of our day was spent together at the Effingham CEO Experience where students had the opportunity to hear Chris Koch, Jack Schultz, Cheryl Mitchell, and Lewis Howes speak. It was a very unique opportunity to hear these speakers summarize so much of what we have learned about business, life and success so far this year!

Schackmann Insulation & Construction, LLC

Charlie and Jan Schackmann

What started as a side business to supplement the family income, with insulation picked as a solution to the arising energy crisis, 41 years later the product is Schackmann Insulation & Construction. A family owned and operated business, the Schackmann family services a 50 mile radius from Newton and beyond offering multiple insulation products and services as well as a fully functional construction crew to meet all of your commercial and residential needs. Schackmann Insulation & Construction is responsible for the massive remodel of the “Old Wooster Building” and what is now the new Incubator Building, Chamber of Commerce Office and permanent home site to Jasper CEO. The business got its biggest kick start when Charlie retired from the Jasper County School District in 2004 and bought a big truck, their current building and some construction grade insulation equipment and started full-time. As the years went on the sons, sons-in-law, and daughters-in law started to join the team. Charlie and Jan shared with us their experience and reason for moving to an LLC and also how to competitively price a product or service, taking into account all cost prohibitive factors of a business.

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