Newsletter for February 17th, 2017

Failure and Regionalism with Jack Schultz

Agracel, Inc.

After having the opportunity to hear Mr. Schultz speak at the Effingham CEO Experience on February 8th, Jasper CEO students were hungry to hear more about Jack’s life history, business failures and successes and the concept of regionalizing the area to survive the economic disparity from IL government. After a brief presentation by Jack students engaged in great conversations that included concepts about business startups and the most common theme of the day, economically regionalizing the area and Right to Work and Non-Right to Work States. We all learned a great deal and were thankful to have Jack’s expertise!

Facebook Marketing

Stephanie Tracy

We weren’t sending love message over Facebook Tuesday morning to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We were creating and expanding our individual business marketing, studying our page analytics and learning how to best market in the nontraditional world of social media. Although our focus was mostly on Facebook, we also learned about marketing using other social media venues such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. We were so blessed to be joined by Stephanie Tracy (Shout out to Oblong High School for letting us swap one of their teachers for the morning!). Stephanie runs the Facebook page for our local Great Dane Rescue, Inc. Go check out their page and see how successful she has been. Unbelievable! As a matter of fact, she has been so successful that Facebook asked her to come out and visit along with only two other people from across the nation because of her success with the “Call to Action” button on their page. It was a great

Budgeting for business and life

Gina Kocher

Gina Kocher (next year’s Jasper CEO facilitator) joined our team today to discuss budgeting and rich habits versus poor habits. We had a great time taking in the knowledge of what we all know we should do and then took it the next level as we learned how to do it. Students enjoyed hearing about the lifestyle habits of rich people and saw that physical and mental discipline in all aspects of life are important to overall success.

Mental Break/Teambuilding

So, as you have probably figured out by following the CEO classes in the area, we are more than about business curriculum. In fact, we are way more than that. At the core of CEO, we build strong life principles and values to live by to be successful in all aspects of our lives. I find it almost humorous after serving in the facilitator role for 3 years how in tuned our students from this area are to the importance of family/work life balance. I certainly hope they will continue to uphold that value for the benefit of themselves and their future families. With that being said, CEO students are under an immense amount of pressure at this time in the school year. With post season sports, term papers due, individual business plans from their real start up business due, coordinating their event or making product for their business, scholarships, college admissions and decisions on majors and which school to attend, their mental plate is full. Recognizing this the last couple of weeks and seeing the beautiful forecast we took an emergency teambuilding day at Peterson Park in Newton on Friday. We stress the importance of mental health and were glad to exercise that knowledge today. Back to work we will go on Tuesday with the rough draft of our business plan due for first review by our mentors on February 26th.

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