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August 2016 Teambuilding at American Obstacles.

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Stang Art Studio

Jamie Stang-Ellis

Another great visit to Stang Art’s on Monday! CEO students love to visit with Jamie and hear about her adventures from high school and beyond. She is so good to share with us about her personal/professional mentors in life, her careers that led to her seeking out her passion for painting, and how it brought her back home to Effingham County in December of 2010 to open Stang Arts and start after school art education programs in the area. Jasper County is a participant in the Stang Art’s after school program and has outstanding attendance at the events at Newton Elementary. Jamie’s message to students is to put yourself out there in life and to not be afraid. Even though some people may not be receptive to that approach at first, many will be and it will get you far in life!

Tom Purcell

Jasper CEO welcomed Tom Purcell today to hear more about salesmanship and the concept of staying aware of business news on a daily basis. Tom visited with us about the importance of knowing your product in sales, great advice as CEO students are preparing for Shark Tank this Friday the 7th! We also discussed our trade show booths and Tom encouraged students to have others help with the commerce components of their business in the booth but to be sure to train them on the product and have specific goals and directions for them to make the best impression to the customer. He also encouraged CEO’s to be very aware of the news media and realize that some could be slanted. He impressed upon them that it is very importance to take in several media venues with differing opinions on the same topic and then to form their own educated opinion. Great advice in today’s world of media!

Furniture Assembly Day

Jasper CEO students were fortunate enough to have a very successful class business this year (murder mystery dinner in January) which enabled them to dispurse funds. The goal of the class business is to create an experience for students to plan and execute a large scale event learning various objectives along the way including, working with people in high stakes settings who think differently than you, how to market, how to work with subcontractors, contracting, and many more also including making a profit to create seed money for each of their individual businesses. Jasper CEO practices a grant and loan program. Each student can apply for either or both to total up to no more than $599 on a need basis. There is an application and interview process and also the requirement of a completed quality business plan as well. However, with all of that accounted for, students still had a remaining balance in the account. They decided to act on a philanthropic level and to donate funds to purchase professional tables and chairs to the community room in the incubator building where we meet for class days and guest speakers. As you can see from the pictures, the donation turned out great! They are very excited for more people in the community and future CEO classes to be able to enjoy it in the future!

Shark Tank Practice and Team Breakfast

This morning found us at Parklanes for a teambuilding breakfast and also offered us some time in a different venue to practice our Shark Tank skills and be exposed to some potential questions the sharks may ask us about our business. We had a great time being each other’s sharks and are ready to take on the real sharks this Friday, April 7th at the Incubator Building! We also had a very special moment on Thursday morning as one of our own has written a children’s book for her individual business and the first run of the book was approved that morning. She was able to bring it to the class to share for the first time. Joe Stone graciously and proudly presented her book for her. You can see a picture of Joe reading it to us. It is fantastic and a must for your book shelf. These books will be for sale at our Trade Show on April 26th! Come out and see just who it is who wrote this interactive book about pet rocks and get your copy!

Jasper CEO hires new facilitator for 17-18 School Year

Gina Kocher

Gina Kocher will be the new Jasper CEO facilitator starting in the Fall of 2017. The 2018 Jasper CEO class is slated to have 20 students and are sure to have a great year with Gina at the helm! She has already started training for the position with Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship and visits this years class frequently to get a feel for what the three different types of days look like: class days, guest speakers and business visits. Gina’s training will continue this summer at the Midland Institute National conference and she along with the board will host her first event as facilitator this summer at orientation tentatively set for July 11th. We are confident in Gina’s skills and are looking forward to watching her elevate the Jasper program!

2017 Annual Jasper CEO Trade Show

Jasper CEO students are gearing up for their annual tradeshow to take place at the Newton KC Hall on Wednesday, April 26th from 5-7 p.m.

“The annual CEO tradeshow is the perfect place for the community to see the culmination of everything the students have learned throughout the school year and to support local businesses by purchasing products and services from the students.” -Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship -provider of CEO

This tradeshow boasts over 200 attendees each year as CEO students display and market their personal business. It is THE place for your latest in home and personal fashion décor, music, media, backyard games, books, auto detailing, food, wildlife and livestock interest, sports and school spirit.

Please plan to join us! Admission is free!

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