Newsletter for April 21st, 2017

CEO Business Visits

CEO Guest Speakers

Barry Callebaut

Harold Shipman

Today we visited Barry Callebaut in Robinson, IL. We were so excited to have the opportunity again this year to visit a fine chocolate factory and see the food manufacturing process from multiple points of view including management, sensory, QAQC, and production. We learned so much and left with a lot of chocolate!

Bloomberg Chiropractic

Scott Bloomberg

Jasper CEO was joined by Dr. Scott Bloomberg this morning from Bloomberg Chiropractic here in Newton. Scott’s focus for the day was problem solving and the approaches used to solve problems in his practice daily. We very much enjoyed hearing Scott speak to his profession, passion for healing people, learning, and living life well. The students were so impressed with his passion and energy!

Class Day

Today was a much needed and long awaited class day for CEO students. The last two weeks have been jam packed with business visits, guest speakers and special events. Today was a great day of reflection and evaluation. We also voted for 2017 Jasper CEO Entrepreneur of the Year award which will be announced at our Annual Trade Show on Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 from 5-7 p.m. at the KC Hall in Newton. We can’t wait to see you there!

The last Mentor Day from the Class of 2017

Our final mentor day of the year. We had fantastic conversation today with our Group B Mentors; Sarah Horner, Kris Newton, Alan Bogardus, Vita Kistner, Kyle Klier, and Ladonna Poehler. Our topics of discussion included mentors sharing their ideas for each of the students trade show booths and trade show ideas to assist students in dealing with customers at trade shows including, what to do if no one is at your booth and how to bring people into your booth. CEO’s also visited with mentors about how they felt CEO has benefited them both academically and in life in general. Our mentors are a HUGE beneficial piece of our CEO experience and we cannot thank all of them enough for the time and energy they spend with our CEO’s!

Joe Fatheree

Jasper CEO students had a great meeting with Joe Fatheree this morning! Joe, a very well known educator from Effingham High School, had an integral part of the creation and initiation of the CEO program and Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship. Jasper CEO students were overwhelmed with encouragement as the left our time together after discussing the opportunities for both entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in their futures. It is inspiring to be around those who think outside of the box!

Classroom Day

You may have noticed from pictures in newsletters over the past few weeks that we have had several visitors from our 2018 Jasper CEO class. We are over joyed to have them join us as they get a glimpse of what their next year in CEO holds!

Wolf Eye Care

Dr. Adam Wolf

NCHS alum, Dr. Adam Wolf, owner of Wolf Eye Care, welcomed us with refreshments this morning and discussed his journey through optometry school, first professional jobs, non-compete clauses, and the importance of organization in the work place. He offered that organization not only offers efficiency but also portrays preparedness to customers who then have confidence in your business. We enjoy hearing from a wide variety of speakers in varied industries during our tenure in CEO and gain so much from every morning!

Student Journal Highlights for this week

Overall, this week was a week of realizing how great of a life I have. Listening to the farmers talk about how they make a living made me understand that our lives truly revolve around farming and the hardworking men and women that produce food for us. Art and Neal talking about missionary work was a large eye opener as to how much better of a life I have than others. It made me very grateful to be able to live freely, have the opportunity to go school, and have a very supportive family and friends

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