Newsletter for May 10th, 2017

Newton's Local Grocers

Sievers Produce and Martin's IGA

It was a split business visit day as Jasper CEO visited our two hometown grocers Donna Finn and Todd Martin. We had a great morning learning about the ups and downs of owning a grocery store, industry competitors, and the satisfaction of owning a business that provides a huge service to the community. Of course, with the recent stormy weather and power outages, that was a huge source of conversation as well. Thanks for sharing your time with us Donna and Todd!

Hartrich Meats

The Hartrich Family

This is one of my favorite visits every year as we have the opportunity to expose students to an entirely new world of animal harvesting and processing. It is such a great learning experience for students from many vantage points, producer, inspector, harvester, government program advisor, and store manager. Of course, the delicious breakfast that greets us each year is also a great benefit! Thanks to the Hartrich Families for their gracious hosting and another fantastic educational visit!

City of Newton

A very rainy morning squelched our full tour of the Water Treatment and Sewage plants but nonetheless, much was learned in the enclosed facility about the water usage, maintenance and the source of water in Newton. We left knowing that we are very lucky to have a state of the art facility ready for more residence and industry to move into Newton and enjoy the best water in the state of Illinois!

Cincinatti Reds

An early Friday morning found us rolling to Ohio to our annual pilgrimage with Effingham CEO to do a business visit with the Cincinnati Reds management team. Our guest speakers included the Operations Manager, Media Manager, Assistant General Manager and their Community Foundation Manager, just to name a few. It was a great, but rainy, day with the Cincinnati Reds learning about the business of baseball and taking time to spend one last business visit together as our Jasper CEO family!

Final Note from the Facilitator

Amy Tarr

Our last week of CEO is being spent engaging in individual exit interviews with students with a culminating carry-in breakfast on Friday morning to celebrate the seniors last day of high school and also to celebrate the last day of Jasper CEO. This has been an amazing set of students and I couldn’t be prouder of them. A huge thank you to Jasper County for supporting this program. The 42 students who have experienced CEO over the last 3 years will serve our community well in the future thanks to your faith in this program through the gifts of your time, talents, and treasures. Facilitating CEO has been a wonderful personal and professional experience for me and I thank Jasper County and especially the CEO board very much for that! God Bless!

Student Journal Highlights for this week

…Anyway, for me the tradeshow wasn’t anything to stress over because we learned the skills that we needed throughout the year. I sold a few items and got a lot of orders and many people took my business card and said that they would give me a call! I was scared my business wasn’t going to be successful but it did pretty well. I enjoyed myself and I also got a glimpse of how far I’ve come since the beginning of the year.

One thing that had shined through at the trade show was the network that I had formed with certain people throughout the year in CEO. People that we had visited us throughout the year came to my booth and because they knew me, they were more willing to buy my noodles. Shark Tank definitely benefited me during the trade show because I had business leaders and CEO students from other towns ask the same questions that were asked from the sharks during Shark Tank.

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