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After our speakers on economic development and understanding the role CEO plays in it, students developed an idea for their class business. Gabe Fulton, CEO, pitched the idea to the class last week and Madelynne Boldrey, COO, led a SWOT analysis today. After voting, the CEO Class of 2018 officially plans to create an event that showcases the businesses within Jasper County. We will share more as the planning begins.

The Ice Cream Man

Ken Snyder

Inspired by the book, "Old Man and the Sea", Ken Snyder dreamed of having a boat and living on it. Surprisingly, this dream led him down the path of operating four Dairy Queen locations: Newton, Greenup, Clinton (Indiana), and Loogootee (Indiana). He emphasized the importance of being flexible in all areas of one's life as well as the importance of relationship building. "I spent 18 years trying to get out of Newton and 10 years trying to get back in!" The relationships that he built while growing up in Jasper County were what drew him back to the community. Ken is an asset to our CEO board and we are so glad he's a part of our community!

Ken also spoke on franchising, including the benefits and guidelines of expansion. Repeatedly, he stressed the importance of a strong work ethic. "What you do, do with desire and passion, even if it's sweeping the floor. Work ethic comes from personal motivation; I can't teach that, but I always notice it." Thank you, Ken, for being an investor in CEO and setting the bar for exceptional business practices. 

Total Print Solutions

We appreciate Rick Lindemann, president of Total Printing Solutions for his presentation and tour of the facility on Wednesday. We were able to see the process from start to finish. One of the most interesting portions of our converstaion with Rick was his explanation of how technology has changed the operations and order side of his business. Surprisingly, the fact that people buy eBooks actually makes his company busier. No longer are the publishing houses needing larger orders, so TPS is a perfect location for them to send their work. Afterwards, a student said, "Every time we go to a new place, my whole life plan changes! It's all so interesting!" 

New Name, Same Excellent Service

The Equity

One of the main topics covered by Bruce Vernon, CEO and Karen Witt, CFO on Thursday was the process of rebranding. The Equity, formerly Effingham Equity, is an agriculture company whose core values include: Profitability, Customer Focus, Constant Improvement, Integrity, and Accountability. Their mission is to provide the best products with the latest technology including the highest quality of service done right. That has not changed. "The Equity" reflects the fact that there are 20 locations throughout Illinois, and their expansion continues!

The speakers also presented information on what a cooperative entails and covered the benefits of being a stockholder in The Equity. While there are variations of procedures, most cooperatives run in a similar way. Karen Witt also broke down the financials of the company and the new location acquisitions that have come about in the past year. We want to thank West Liberty's branch for hosting us and their manager, Mark Blank, for giving us a tour of the outer buildings.

A New Level of Understanding

Jennifer Vahling

EQ, or Emotional Quotient, is a game changer for individuals who aspire to succeed in life. Friday, the CEO class visited Midland's Corporate offices to hear from Jennifer Vahling, manager of Talent Development. "EQ is the single biggest predictor of success" she explained as she described various case studies that showed a strong connection between higher EQ test results and higher paychecks. Jennifer also explained that sadly, most companies hire based on skill set and fire based on personality. A great attitude begins at the top and flows from internally held beliefs to externally projected actions.

She reminded students that 'your job may give you authority, but your behavior gives you respect'. It seemed every slide she had included a life lesson and quote that was filled with wisdom. Ending her presentation by asking students, "How do you appreciate others?" left them with something to think about. It was a fantastic amount of applicable information and we are so thankful for her time!

Student Journal Highlights for this week

Today we had Ken Larimore back again to talk to us. We started off by finishing the strengths from Tuesday. There were so many positive things about our county. This was a great method and I am happy we did this because many light bulbs popped up in some people's minds about the class business, which Gabe presented this morning. I think that having a local business trade show would be so beneficial in so many ways. Ken has so much knowledge and loves what he does to help Jasper County. Ken also got to talk about TIF’s and the enterprise zone. I did not even realize that these things are so crucial or important to a town until I joined CEO. It is amazing that tax increment financing could allow 249 projects to be made one county.

Alexis Cavazos

Alexis Cavazos
Thursday, September 28, 2017Learn More About Alexis

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