A Special Announcement

Introducing....The Class Business for the Class of 2018

"Jasper County Business Expo"

The CEO Class of 2018 is excited to introduce our class business. The Expo will include a trade show of local businesses in Jasper County and a silent auction of items donated by the community. The purpose of this trade show is to help educate the people of Jasper County on their history and promote the idea of having more support for the businesses that do not get proper recognition. We will be hosting this event on January 20th from 9am-3pm in the gymnasium at Newton Community High School and we invite you to join us in discovering more about our community.

-Madelynne Boldrey and Makenna Ochs

Our Vision for the Class Business

Many people love Jasper County and have a place for it in their hearts. From business visits to speakers, we have seen that there are many great features of JC that are not well known. We want to widen the eyes of the people in the area so that they can see the great businesses and entrepreneurs. I personally wanted to do a business that wasn't like the ones in the past and do something new. That is the whole point of the Business Expo; We want to do something different that creates an impact. Our goals are to improve the success of businesses, raise awareness of the businesses, and make the community stronger as a whole. This community has always been extremely supportive of sporting events, organizations, and clubs so I feel like this Trade Show will be able to draw in a crowd that could bring a new light to the small town services. I am very excited and joyful that we will do something that can help people in the community.

Gabe Fulton, CEO

A Journey Through Jasper County

Along with the Jasper County Business Expo, we are doing a Journey Through Jasper County which will consist of a video on the 1930’s. The video shows that the majority of the buildings that were up in 1930’s are still up and being used today. Our class feels that it is important to share the history of Jasper County with the community and this is a great opportunity to do so. This will be held in the cafeteria of the High School on the day of our business Expo, January 20th.  Thank you, Steve Jones, for allowing us to borrow the film.

-Madelynne Boldrey

Mentor Social

Sharing breakfast with community leaders today was awesome! We appreciate Dave Blecha, Alan Bogardus, Lucas Bolander, Eric Carr, Kelly Hemrich, Sarah Horner, Vita Kistner, Kyle Klier, Ladonna Poehler, and Theresa Volk for volunteering their time to CEO as mentors. You bring a whole new aspect to the class and invest into our class in an essential way! 

During the social, Alan Bogardus (Dynegy) was overheard asking his protegees, "Every day you leave your signature on people. What do you want your signature to be?" What an amazing start to get the students thinking! That's just one example of the quality of the impact made by these mentors. This group of mentors is sure to inspire the CEO Class of 2018!

Thank you, Tammy Wilson, for allowing us to use your upstairs for our social! 

Expo Prep and Business Recruitment

This week has been filled with a push towards starting the class business. Students have worked throughout the week prepping for the business recruitment, marketing of the business, silent action development, and creating a timeline for our journey. It has been an amazingly productive week and students are leading with their desire to be a part of building the local economy. The students want the Jasper County Business Expo to be less about the success of the class and more about the success of the community. Daily students bring up scenarios of how this community has supported them and that drives them to give back!  

If you see these students out and about, take a moment to say hello! Feel free to come and visit them in the classroom or come in as a speaker. They value the wealth of knowledge displayed from the business leaders of Jasper County! 

Contact Gina Kocher at for more information on the business expo or on being a speaker.

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