Newsletter for 10/27

Culture of Success

Andy Johnson

"Go make someone else better today!" Andy Johnson, superintendent of JCCU #1 and board member for Jasper CEO, encouraged students on Monday. Included in his presentation was a video on the importance of showing empathy, quotes from various leaders and some thought provoking questions such as, "How good do you want to be? How good do you want this county to be?"

Some more thoughts from Mr. Johnson: Giving back is a priority of a good leader. One must decrease to allow the team to shine; that's an often overlooked portion of creating a culture where success is prevalent. Adversity creates patience and perseverence! Listen to all voices and walk away from a discussion leaving everyone feeling respected and heard.

Students walked out of the unit office with a lot to contemplate and a great start to their week!

Building a Marketing Campaign

Hailey Niermerg and Allison Donsbach

Graphic Designer, Hailey Niemerg, and Loan Originator, Allison Donsbach, spent Tuesday morning informing students of the basics of advertising and marketing. They started with the four P's: Price, Product, Promotion and Place. 

They touched on such topics as having a unique selling point, branding and marketing yourself, networking, elevator pitches, and professionalism on social media. "You never know the benefit of one more relationship," explained Hailey. She and Allison, a former CEO student, also encouraged students to "take criticism as a way to better yourself." They allowed students a time to work in groups to apply come of the ideas they presented to the class business as well as their individual businesses. It was a fantastic presentation and very helpful to our class as a whole.


Thank you Newton Auto Parts, McClane Motors, and Zumbahlen Trucking for sponsoring our lanyards! We will wear them proudly!

Walnut Street Weddings

Billi Jansen

 "My best advertisement is a happy bride!" 

Billi Jansen, owner of Walnut Street Weddings and the Austin Mansion, told the story of her course to where she is today. She emphasized the importance of embracing opportunities as they come. Between relationships and having her eyes open to those opportunities, she has built two businesses from scratch. Billi gave some pointers on building one's reputation, working in a service industry, and the day-to-day runnings of both businesses.

At the Austin Mansion, she also offers space for 'Princess' parties, bridal/baby showers, and family gatherings of any type. It's a picturesque location and a perfect place to make memories! Check them out on Facebook under Walnut Street Weddings.

Dedicated Farmers. Happy Cows. Real Milk.

Kenny Kuhn

Prairie Farms is a Co-Op with over 700 producers. The Olney location receives milk from approximately 110 of those producers. Each day, 50,000 gallons, 20,0000 half gallons, and 250,000-300,000 half pints are filled with milk by their 92 employees and two shifts. Kenny Kuhn gave students an overview of what it takes to run such a large operation. He addressed some of the challenges the milk industry has faced from the early 1960s to now and discussed the farm to table production within Prairie Farms. We appreciate Kenny taking time to inform us on production, inventory, transportation and product changes.

Student Journal Highlights for this week

While I was working on a couple of my thank you letters, I reflected back on all of the business visits and speakers that we have had in CEO already. CEO has given us a lot of opportunities and I am very glad that I made the decision to join. I think that starting a introductory programming class for children for our personal business would be very beneficial to the community and I am very excited to work on that.

Ethan  Carter

Ethan Carter
Saturday, October 21, 2017Learn More About Ethan

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