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CEO Business Visits

Students at Rotary

Madelynne Boldrey and Gabe Fulton spoke at the Rotary meeting on Tuesday, February 6th. They were asked to speak about the class business, including the inception of the idea to the use of the funds. We appreciate the opportunity to share with local business leaders our appreciation for their support.

Helping Others Helps You

Brent Emmerich

By: Ethan Carter

Website designer and owner of Ewebdzine in Effingham, Brent Emmerich, talked to students about analytics and marketing their business by creating website. Brent talked about how students should maintain relationships with others and how it could help them in the long run. Students also did a team building activity to show the importance of working with others where they blew up balloons with their name on it and hit it around the room for 30 seconds and then tried to find it without any help. Students then did another trial where they helped each other find their balloons. Doing this proved to be very helpful and the total time taken for everyone to find their balloon was reduced by about 20 seconds. Thank you, Brett, for taking time out of your day to visit our CEO class! Check out his website for more information:

Capture the Revenue

Jerry McDaniel

“If a paper will lay still, anybody can write anything on it.”

“Temper is a liability, not an asset.”

“Relationships are everything.”

Jerry McDaniel spent most of his childhood and teens working alongside his dad, a man full of wisdom who spoke into his son’s life on a daily basis. Those early mornings and the weight of responsibility, built Jerry into an entrepreneur of integrity. Deciding that every day will have it’s problems, he developed the mindset of a problem-solver. His analytical capability to assess risk and skills to ignite others to greatness helped him to start multiple successful businesses in a variety of business areas.

Jerry explained that creating a business is solving a problem and capturing the revenue by making it better, faster, or cheaper. He stressed the need for quality customer service and building a team of ethical and moral people. But, one point that really made an impact was his explanation that failure can be due to a mismatched skill set. By understanding people, he was able to adjust the team blueprint to make sure that everyone worked within their strengths.

Thank you, Jerry, for speaking with us and for the stories! Thank you also for your support of Jasper CEO!

Rauch's Jewelry

Rauch's Jewelry

Persistence. Going after your passion. Making it happen!

June Bierman, owner of Rauch’s Jewelry, starts her day with a to do list and an unstoppable drive! We may have entered Rauch’s Jewelry with a desire to know more about the retail business, but we walked out with the joy of having learned so much more and the motivation to create a plan of attack for the future. She quoted an excerpt from Chop Wood, Carry Water by Joshua Medcalf. “No one on their deathbed is worried about how they did in a game, on a test, or how much money they made. They care about their relationships, and who they have become as a person.” “It’s not about drawing a paycheck,” June went on to explain, “it’s about meeting people and being happy with what you do.”

While we did go on to discuss allocation of time, finding people who are good at what you aren’t, and how to balance and diversify inventory by using local artists, the students were very drawn to June and her encouragement. We did, however, take a chance to look over her beautifully displayed items from decor to diamonds!

Check them out on their facebook page:

Home Buying

PS Realty

We also visited Personal Service Realty on Thursday. Owner, Scott Bierman, was able to give students a basic rundown of the process of buying a home. As an appraiser, Scott was able to explain comparables and home inspections. He emphasized to students the important role their credit score plays in their buying power. While his knowledge is vast, he was able to put information in easy-to-understand verbiage, which the students appreciated. Buying a home may be a ways away from their current situation, but his advice was just what they needed for today. “Never sign anything you don’t understand; don’t be pressured to go against your intuition if it doesn’t feel right.”

Jasper CEO thanks Scott Bierman for taking the time to give us this valuable information for now and the future! Check out PSRealty’s website at:

Types of Businesses

Craig Weber

Craig introduced students to the various types of business setups: sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and a limited liability company. He compared and contrasted the requirements and pros/cons of each. Craig also discussed the benefit of having a partnership agreement. It's so valuable to have someone with Craig's knowledge to answer the plethora of questions students had about this topic.

Student Journal Highlights for this week

On Friday a group of students from last years class came to speak to us about our individual businesses and what they learned from CEO. We discussed types of advertising, the expo, and what their businesses were. I thought that hearing the feedback from another class was very helpful and it opened my eyes to all the possibilities there are. After we talked as a big group for a while, we split off into smaller groups with people that had businesses similar to the ones that we will be doing. I went to a table with Crayton Chestnut because he did piano lessons and since I am doing swimming lessons I thought that he would be able to help me the most. We discussed the expo and all that he had at his booth and that really helped me come up with some ideas of what I can do. We also talked about shark tank and what his experience was with that. Talking to the alumni helped me to get a better understanding of our individual businesses and it also relieved some stress that I have.

Emma Pitcher

Emma Pitcher
Friday, February 2, 2018Learn More About Emma

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