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CEO Business Visits

Image Squared

Casey Tibbs

Two students from Effingham’s CEO program spoke with students about the CEO Experience, their class business. The event will include multiple speakers and give students the experience of a business conference. For more information, go to:

Also today, students were able to hear from Casey Tibbs from Image Squared Marketing. Casey has the type of personality that changes the atmosphere of a room! His positive exuberance captured students’ attention and began a discussion about ‘scope’. This concept is vital when serving businesses with a marketing plan that best suits their needs. His drive to learn new things fuels his desire to find a path that fits within his priorities. The students were able to learn the basics of marketing, but most importantly to see passion in person! If interested in creating a marketing plan for your business, go to:

Jasper CEO thanks Casey for taking the time to share his enthusiasm!

Breaking It Down

Creating a business plan, logo, name, slogan and brand promise is a seemingly insurmountable mountain for CEO students! Today they were given a checklist to help them navigate the process. They worked diligently and stayed focused as they created their business. Feel free to stop in and watch them in action! See our calendar at:

The CEO Life

Inviting next year’s CEO class in for our working breakfast, students were able to share a bit of the CEO life. From a life lesson video to teambuilding to work time, it was a full class day! Part of CEO is being able to pass on tips to the next class. The Class of 2017 did it for the current class and the current class is helping the future class. The team mindset flows through the students as they willingly help ease the transition for new classes and give feedback for the day-to-day issues.

More than Meets the Eye

Jason Kuhl

“Looks can be deceiving!” From the outside, the large, white warehouse on Hutton Dr. hides a combination of three businesses. Jason Kuhl, one of the owners, gave students a breakdown about each of the businesses: Brilliance Fundraising, JJ Outlet, and KS Distributing. Susanne Schackmann added information as well, especially when it came to discussing the fundraising business. What an ingenious idea to sell laundry soap!

The conversation spread across a variety of topics including: exporting products internationally, how to acquire UPC codes, pricing, negotiation tips, sales pitches, and explanations about dealing with larger retail businesses. What an incredible journey Jason has had from his IT background to running three businesses. In every instance, he solved a problem. “When you run a business, you have to be a jack of all trades. If it needs done, I figure out how to do it.” Such a simple explanation of a life-altering concept! Thank you, Jason and Susanne, for sharing with us! For more information on their products, feel free to contact Jason at:

Workplace Standards and Social Media

Allison Tharp and Gina Fox

CEO Board Member, Gina Fox, helped to facilitate a Skype session with her daughter Allison Tharp, an HR Generalist for the ZF Group. Allison gave students information from the human relations aspect of business. Allison shared information about how companies buy ‘Master Access’ to Facebook and Twitter, as well as other social media platforms. This allows them to see everything, private or not. Thank you, Allison, for sharing information that will make us think prior to posting!

Gina Fox, Tech Integration/Media Specialist for JCCU#1, also shared a bit of specific instances where people were fired due to what they put on social media. She emphasized to make sure all your posts are kind. Thank you, Gina, for volunteering on our CEO board and for organizing the Skype session!

Student Journal Highlights for this week

Jerry McDaniel spoke with us today. He was fantastic! I liked how he just talked about his life experiences. I thought it was a good way to keep our attention and to help us understand life as an entrepreneur. After he was done talking and I was taking it all in, it got me thinking about how many opportunities I have allowed myself to miss. I am constantly overthinking and talk myself out of attending what could be an uncomfortable situation. Those opportunities, regardless of what they are, could have taught me something about myself, life, or my future, but instead, I chose to skip out on it. What I really took away from today was that I need to start committing to the opportunities I am given, whether they might make me uncomfortable or not, or I might miss out on an important life lesson. I would like to hear from him again.

Today we went on a business visit to Rauch’s Jewelry and PS Reality. June Bierman is an amazing person who has a big passion for what she does. I have never been to Rauch’s Jewelry before and afterwards, I really questioned why I haven't. It was very interesting and June had a blast explaining the background and history of her business. June also stressed on the fact that it is important to have different kinds of people in the world because the world needs people who are good at something that others are not. We also talked to Scott Bierman about his business of PS Reality. Scott explained to us the process of how to buy a house. He also told us how important it to be responsible with our actions and our money because our future life depends on today.

Alexis Cavazos

Alexis Cavazos
Thursday, February 8, 2018Learn More About Alexis

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