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Jeremy Wilson

Emma Pitcher led our feedback discussion this morning as we conversed about the various speakers and business visits, highlighting lessons we gleaned and questions they may still have. Jeremy Wilson stopped in just to check on how the class was progressing and gave students some tips for their business plans. He will be presenting to the class next Monday, but took time out simply to stop in; students are awed by his intelligence, but his actions today impressed them because of his sacrifice of time. We are looking forward to hearing from him next week!

We invite any community members who would like to visit the class to stop in! We love having guests and sharing our progress.


The top three most feared words for Jasper CEO students this semester are: Individual Business Plan!

Thankfully, our mentors came in wearing their capes today as they rescued students from being overwhelmed by the task of creating their plans! Their valued input gave students specific tips and fine-tuned their to do list. The mentors asked the hard questions and helped students really analyze their business.

Our mentors are not just giving students one day a month; there is constant communication with these students as they progress through the program. We cannot speak highly enough about their gift of time. If you see the following people out and about in the community, thank them for their willingness to give: David Blecha, Alan Bogardus, Lucas Bolander, Eric Carr, Kelly Hemrich, Sarah Horner, Vita Kistner, Kyle Klier, LaDonna Poehler, and Teresa Volk

We appreciate their places of business, as well, as they are allowed the time it takes to attend mentor days. Thank you Evapco, Dynegy (Investor), Rex Vault Service (Investor), Crooked Creek Antler Art, Total Patient Service, Agracel (Investor), Peoples' State Bank (Investor), The Medicine Shoppe (Investor), and Superior Fuels (Investor)!

CEO Experience

Rich Bailey

Effingham CEO created a fantastic event featuring multiple speakers and personalized breakout sessions on Wednesday. Our students learned valuable lessons from such people as Rich Bailey, creator of Billy Bob Teeth and Cordia Harrington, CEO of the Buns Companies. The breakout sessions focused on Emotional Intelligence, Social Media Skills, the Faces of Change in the Workforce, Hiring Tips, and the Journey of Dr. Kollinger. We appreciate the students of Effingham CEO for their work to deliver a phenomenal day to us!

EJ Water Plant in Gila

Most of turn on a faucet and never think about where the water filling our cup originated. We never think about if it was from a lake or underground water supply. We forget to be thankful for people like Dean Swingler, Josh Kreke, Dan Utley, and Phil Huber, members of the EJ Water team. One would also be surprised to find out how much technology goes into the process of creating clean water. Service trucks are emailed service orders, morning meetings are done via Skype, and a leak in your house can be alerted to you in one day. Now, that’s innovative service!

EJ Water is the largest water coop in Illinois with over 10,000 members. Customer care and safety are their utmost concerns and it shows in how they presented today. We appreciate EJ’s dedication to their community and it shows in their investment into Jasper CEO. Thank you for our tour and for being an investor!

Student Journal Highlights for this week

Today we had guest speaker Tom Purcell. Tom has been a part of CEO since before the beginning. He had a dry sense of humor and was very entertaining to listen too. Tom told many stories and gave lots of advice. His dream was to become a professional hockey player. He set up ways to achieve his goal, but he found out through the process that it was not for him. He then became a teacher. This told me a lot. I might dream about becoming something, but it might not even be close to what I want at all. He spoke about making the right decisions when going to college and general information about how CEO can be life changing. He explained that having notepads out at a meeting automatically make you better than everyone else and being late was not acceptable. Tom had so much to share and I appreciate him being able to come speak to us.

Alexis Cavazos

Alexis Cavazos
Tuesday, February 27, 2018Learn More About Alexis

On Friday we visited Chris and Beth Probst farm. Chris spoke to us about his background and how he got into the cattle and grain industry. He told us that you have to manage your risk and be able to support yourself even if one business fails. Having grain and cattle allows him to balance himself out if one of the industries is having a bad year. My dad is the same way because we have a grain farm but he also co-owns a trucking company. Chris also shared with us that we have to accept failure and that if you are afraid to fail then you will not go anywhere. I think that learning from failure is huge in the growth of a person and a business because the next time you do something you would make the same mistake. Chris gave us a hand out of his book keeping and all the cattle and grain information he keeps track of. Seeing his financial layout helped me realize what mine should look like and was a good example for all of us.

Emma Pitcher

Emma Pitcher
Friday, March 2, 2018Learn More About Emma

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