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CEO Guest Speakers

Pitching Your Passion

Trevor May

Article by: Emma Pitcher, creator of SwEmma

On Monday, Trevor May from Millikin came to speak to us about sales pitches. We all got a hand out of simple steps to making a pitch that helped create our personal pitches. Some tips that he gave us were: serve the audience, be you best personable self, and keep the pitch quick and concise. After we discussed all the steps to a pitch, we got in groups and had the chance to create our own pitches. My group was assigned to Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner. The point of this was to give us a product that is used often and is popular. Starting the pitch was kind of difficult, but after awhile it started to click. I was assigned to the bubble part of the pitch which includes a sentence that earns the listeners attention. Presenting the pitch was not as scary as I thought it was going to be. Fifteen minutes of group collaboration and it was time to pitch!

Towards the end, Trevor went around and spoke with us briefly about our business and sales pitches. He gave me very good feedback and I now have a better understanding of my pitch.

The Dome House

Tony Griffith

Article by: Makenna Ochs, owner of Kenna's Kupcakes

Today we went to the 'Dome house', which is currently owned by Tony Griffith. The house was simple, but at the same time it was complex beyond my imagination. There was so much technology in the house that you would have never known was there because of how it was set up. From the geothermal heating and cooling system, to the all electric appliances and utilities, this house is decked out with energy and money-saving features. I never could have imagined that technology like this was available here in Jasper County. It made me think about what is available through the networking we do in CEO. Tony gave us a lot of information about how he found out about all of these features and how they work. Now that I know a little bit about all of this technology, I want to put it my house! The dome house was a fun experience!

Thank you, Tony, for the tour!

3 Important Steps to Success

Brad Shull

"You know that you don't know everything. If you don't understand something, ask."-Brad Shull

Brad Shull, owner of Shull Family Farms, started and ended today's conversation with his three steps to success:

1. Have a relationship with Jesus Christ

2. Pick the right spouse

3. Find the job you love

As Brad continued to explain the ins and outs of farming, he led students through a very straightforward cost analysis comparing corn and soybeans. He discussed the role of crop insurance and gave some historical statistics to further expound. Brad spoke of a few men who had really helped him develop his skill sets and mindsets, thus reiterating the value of networking. Thank you, Brad, for visiting with us and opening our eyes to the farming industry!

Hartrich's Meats

Hartrich's Meats

Any business visit that starts with the smell of smoking bacon is sure to be a favorite!

Hartrich Meats has been a household name since 1953! Located in Ste. Marie, Illinois, this business has created a heritage. Their custom processing portion is State inspected and available for beef, pork, lamb or goat. They also have full-service catering, a small grocery store, and are a distributer for Smokin' Brothers Grills. We tasted some of their smoked bacon and sweet teryaki summer sausage during our visit and were delighted with the flavor!

What sets Hartrich's Meat apart? Customer Care. Janet Hartrich summed it up perfectly when she said, "When you see your customers face-to-face, you are going to do your best." That is exactly how a business lasts three generations and is still growing! Thank you, Hartrich's, for the tour and samples, but mostly thank you for sharing your skills with all of Jasper County!

Introducing the Individual Businesses

Students spent today on a variety of projects in preparation for the Trade Show on April 25th at the KC Hall from 5-7pm. We hope to see you there! The student businesses are as follows:

Madelynne Boldrey: Roasted (Hand-Roasted Coffee Beans)

Alexis Cavazos: Alexis's Pastiche Expressions (Personal Portraits and Other Artwork)

Ethan Carter and Alex Harris: Syntax (Computer Coding Classes)

Gabe Fulton and Kyle Kocher: Top Gun Mobile Pressure Washing (Large Equipment, Houses and Outdoor Living Spaces)

Alex and Mikaela Haarman: A+M Bath Necessities (Bath bombs, Scrubs, and Salts)

Paige Klingler: Memories by Paige (Custom T-shirt Pillows)

Destiny Larrison: Just Marble It (Custom Tableware)

Chase Lemke: Cross Creations (Cross Necklaces and Wall Art)

Haley Ochs: Ochs Metal Goods (Metal Letter Art)

Makenna Ochs: Kenna's Kupcakes

Emma Pitcher: SwEmma (Swimming Lessons)

Rachel Probst: Kerzen Aromas (Hand-made Candles)

Mykayla Spelbring: Get Snappy! (Photography)

Chandler Street: Nailed It (String Art)

Korie Tucker: Jasper County Community Cookbook 

Destin Wilson: Switched by Design (Organizational Home Decor)

Sydney Zumbahlen: Stitched by Sydney (Custom Crochetted Products)

Student Journal Highlights for this week

Today we had a speaker. Jeremy Wilson came to speak about business plans and branding. I enjoyed listening to him because even though I’m not too much into agriculture I was mesmerized by the technology that went into farming. I thought it was so cool how using a gps can let them figure out the data needed to know for the farmland. I also thought it was amazing how many businesses he could keep track of and not get confused about the information pertaining to each business. My favorite part was talking about branding. It really got me thinking what I could do to brand myself and my business. I also wrote down every quote that he showed us and I thought there was value in every quote he showed.

Today we had a business visit at Evapco in Newton. Dave Blecha led the tour, just like he did at Greenup. I honestly didn’t know what our Evapco even did. It was interesting to find out they made fiberglass tubing. Dave talked about building relationships and I appreciated hearing that because we haven’t went over that for a while. Dave and Bruce, who is in charge of the Newton plant, talked about how they have different personalities but they get along very well. I think that is a very good example to set for our class. Evapco was a very nice visit to have to end the week.

Gabe Fulton

Gabe Fulton
Friday, March 16, 2018Learn More About Gabe

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