Two for One

Financial Planning for the Future

Cindy Hinterscher

To begin our time on Tuesday, Cindy Hinterscher, from Edward Jones, went over the options for careers and how the income altered based on educational level. From there, she broke down the three things you can do with money: spend, save/invest, give it away. That led into a conversation about how to make your money work for you. She discussed the various investing options, how stock work, the differences between the different exchanges and tips on investing. 'Diversify. Focus on Quality.' While online trading may be an option for some, having someone monitor your investments for you is of high value.

Cindy has been with Edward Jones for 17 years and loves her career! Edward Jones has been in the Top 10 Companies to Work For repeatedly and Cindy testified that they take good care of their employees. 'As a limited partnership, we want every Edward Jones to succeed!'

This day was full of clarification for students and a resolve to make good choices with money. Thank you for coming, Cindy!

Work Hard. Have Fun. Make Money.

Tractor Supply

Traci Lybarger started our visit to Tractor Supply on Wednesday with an explanation of the values tightly held by the company. The company's determination to stick to these core values filters down and affects each employee. She stressed that taking care of the employee is what creates a better worker and more loyalty. Taking care of the customer well and going the 'extra country mile' also builds loyalty. 'Business owners need to be a part of the community and work hand-in-hand with other businesses,' Traci encouraged students.

Tractor Supply strives to make the shopping experience similar in each location by making the floor plans similar. No more guessing where an item is simply because you are in a different town! Also, they have the ability for busy people to order online and pick up in store, like a personal shopper.

Simple But Not Easy

Steve Jones

On Tuesday, we visited the #2 locally-owned hardware store in the state of Illinois. Steve Jones Plumbing and Hardware offers award-winning customer service and personalized care, all right here in Jasper County! Steve shared his story of overcoming obstacles and never giving up! "Keep working to improve and make a name for yourself!" Such a simple concept, but the challenge lies in the follow-through. True work ethic cannot be shown in only one portion of one's life, but is a thread laced through their whole life. Through his stories, Steve demonstrated an honest work ethic that is as much a part of him as his skill set. We appreciate Steve sharing about the concept of customer confidence and how he goes about achieving it and strengthening it.

Go check out their new showroom right on the square in Newton!

People Power

Ryan Milsap

"I start each morning asking myself these three questions:

Am I taking the extra step? How can I impact those around me? What can I positively change?" -Ryan Milsap

As the president of the Jasper County Chamber of Commerce, Ryan has a vision for our community. Using a tree as a visual representation, he led students in a conversation about how to make an impact. Trees are flexible, grounded, durable, resourceful and add beauty. It was a picture that will stick with students as they find their role as part of a community. The conversation between Ryan and the students helped them realize the 'People Power' found in Jasper County. By connecting with each other, sharing ideas, and working as a team, we can change our area via the power of community!

Ryan takes time to drive around town, writing down various opportunities for growth in an idea notebook. He invited CEO students to do the same and use #ProgressJC to post their ideas on social media. Check out their posts and feel free to add your own!

A Gold Circle Jayco Dealer

Kuhl's Trailer Sales

Started in 1973, Kuhl's Trailer Sales, Inc. has established themselves as an elite-level customer care Jayco dealer. They have Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, Lightweight Trailers, Park Trailers and Toy Haulers availble on their lot. Jason spoke with the students about the history of the business, their campground and 5 acre pond, what it's like to be part of the Jayco family, and sales pitches. We were able to tour a number of different trailer options. Students wanted to stay longer because of the hospitality of Phyllis, Jason and Christina!

If you are near their location at 1023 N. 500th St. Ingraham, IL 62434 tomorrow and enjoy their open house. See what all they have to offer! If you don't have time to stop in, you can shop via their website at:

Scott Bloomberg

Scott Bloomberg

***Due to an error in uploading, this article was inadvertently left out of the newsletter. 

Using his natural humor and charisma, Scott Bloomberg challenged students to 'find something that sets you apart'. See below for what the students had to say:

Scott was absolutely so friendly and positive. He was full of energy and eager to talk to us. Scott is a chiropractor in Newton. He owns his own business and is so passionate about it. Jobs that you are able to love going too everyday will make your life more enjoyable. Scott is proof of this. It’s amazing how people find out what they want to do for the rest of their lives just by taking one opportunity. Scott was not in interested in being a chiropractor until he took chemistry in high school. He was inspired by his teacher and the material. I really enjoyed being able to listen to Scott’s experience and life story of how business came about.

Today Dr. Scott Bloomberg, of Bloomberg Chiropractic, came in to speak about his ever-changing practice. Even though he isn’t from Jasper County originally, Dr. Bloomberg has made himself an important figure in this community. Not only is he one of the most versatile doctors in this community, but Dr. Bloomberg is going back to school to become even more accessible to all of his patients. He taught me that you have to do what is necessary to help wherever you’re needed. Dr. Bloomberg has added so much value to our community and I hope his practice and mindset stays around for a long time!

Dr. Bloomberg is also working in conjunction with 23 and Me, a personal genomics and biotechnology company, to create an individual nutritional plan fit to your personal genome! He is currently working to attain his Functional Medicine degree as well! We are excited to see how his practice changes and grows as he develops a deeper understanding of the body.

Student Journal Highlights for this week

Brad Shull’s past was really interesting and he had a lot of good words of wisdom and advice. Brad mentioned that in order to be successful you need to know when you don’t know everything and to ask questions. That is important because there are people who attempt to take everything upon themselves and never seek help. It is important to get a variety of ideas because many people have different point of views and different experiences. They can provide some insight and suggestions that you could not think of yourself.

Alex Harris

Alex Harris
Wednesday, March 21, 2018Learn More About Alex

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