Shark Tank Results

Mentor Day

Students took time to meet with their mentor off-site as preparation for their Shark Tank presentation. From looking over their business plans to giving feedback on their sales pitches, mentors offer input learned via life experiences. If you are interested in being a part of CEO by mentoring a student, feel free to contact Gina Kocher at

Bloomberg Chiropractic

Dr. Scott Bloomberg

***Due to an error in uploading, this article was inadvertently left out of the newsletter last week. 

Using his natural humor and charisma, Scott Bloomberg challenged students to 'find something that sets you apart'. See below for what the students had to say:

Scott was absolutely so friendly and positive. He was full of energy and eager to talk to us. Scott is a chiropractor in Newton. He owns his own business and is so passionate about it. Jobs that you are able to love going too everyday will make your life more enjoyable. Scott is proof of this. It’s amazing how people find out what they want to do for the rest of their lives just by taking one opportunity. Scott was not in interested in being a chiropractor until he took chemistry in high school. He was inspired by his teacher and the material. I really enjoyed being able to listen to Scott’s experience and life story of how business came about.

Today Dr. Scott Bloomberg, of Bloomberg Chiropractic, came in to speak about his ever-changing practice. Even though he isn’t from Jasper County originally, Dr. Bloomberg has made himself an important figure in this community. Not only is he one of the most versatile doctors in this community, but Dr. Bloomberg is going back to school to become even more accessible to all of his patients. He taught me that you have to do what is necessary to help wherever you’re needed. Dr. Bloomberg has added so much value to our community and I hope his practice and mindset stays around for a long time!

Dr. Bloomberg is also working in conjunction with 23 and Me, a personal genomics and biotechnology company, to create an individual nutritional plan fit to your personal genome! He is currently working to attain his Functional Medicine degree as well! We are excited to see how his practice changes and grows as he develops a deeper understanding of the body.

Shark Tank

Nerves were in overdrive on Wednesday as students pitched their ideas in the Shark Tank. Each student first met with a group of three sharks. Then, each group of sharks chose their top pick to present in front of all the sharks. The sharks asked questions about marketing, finances, skill sets, future plans, etc. Monetary rewards were given for the top three entrepreneurs.  The results were as follows:

1st place: Madelynne Boldrey with Roasted

2nd Place: Alex and Mikaela Haarman with A+M Bath Necessities

3rd Place: Haley Ochs with Ochs Metal Goods

Special thanks to our 'sharks': Mark Bolander, Chad Farley, Julie Hill, Pat Mammoser, Kris Newton, Steve Mammoser, Amy Tarr, Travis Tarr, and Jeremy Wilson.

It was a fantastic day where students got to experience a high-pressure situation and show off their passions!

Shark Tank Recovery

During our class day, we discussed the previous day and students gave input for next year. We discussed how to avoid some of their mistakes and celebrated their wins! It was a unique experience full of teachable moments! Thanks again to our sharks!

All Squared Away

Michael Hill, Jr.

As students grow their businesses and prepare for their Trade Show (April 25th at the KC Hall, from 5p-7p), finding ways to manage time and make the paperwork side of business easier is key in their minds. For some, that answer may be using the Square Payment Method, a credit card processing system that includes a POS. Michael Hill led students through the backside of the program, the data that can be received and how he uses it at Ginger Ale's in Olney, IL.

Michael also took time to talk about patenting a product, trademarking, and copyrighting. We appreciate him taking time to come and speak and show us how easy the program was to use. Even if students do not wish to use this option, they were able to glean some creative and time-saving ideas for how to use the data from their sales.

Student Journal Highlights for this week

Today, we had Ryan Milsap as a speaker. Ryan is probably the most inspirational person I have ever met. He was unbelievably passionate about Newton and it seemed like he poured his heart and soul into improving our community. It’s good to see a chamber president that really cares about our project and knows what would work best in helping Newton. One thing I liked the most about Ryan was that I never felt below him. He did a great job at taking our input and actually caring what we had to say. I almost always felt engaged in the conversation and he seemed more like a colleague than a speaker. The energy and drive was absolutely incredible and he put more heart in his presentation than any other speaker we have had so far. Overall, I loved having Ryan as a speaker and I am so glad that we were able to listen to him.

Ethan  Carter

Ethan Carter
Wednesday, April 4, 2018Learn More About Ethan

Today we visited Steve Jones Plumbing. I found both his story before marriage, and their story once married, quite inspirational. He had a tough few years and worked through it on his own because that’s the way he was raised. He didn’t want help from anyone else. He wanted to go through life making accomplishments on his own. I thought that was so brave of him and something I couldn’t see myself doing. It really told me what kind of person he was and about his work ethic. Once married, he and his wife seemed to be the same type of person. They both seemed to be strong and always pushing through the hard times knowing everything would come together in the end. What I took away from today was everything will work out in the end. As long as you believe in yourself and have a good work ethic, bad times will come to be better.

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