Adrian Guzman, JCCU #1
If you have been impressed with the recent videos published by the Jasper County school district, you can thank Mr. Guzman! Great info today discussing the curvy road of life experiences that can allow a person to build one's skill set. Mr. Guzman's start as a DJ at 10, competitive breakdancer at 13, to filming his first wedding video at 17 gave him a plethora of lessons to share about not allowing age to limit you! He compared the qualities businesses wanted in employees in 2015 to today, just 4 years later. That was eye-opening and built on his point to invest in yourself.

Mr. Guzman gave students much to think about and to explore! Best quotes of the day:
Be the Yardstick of Quality
Be okay with stepping out of the realm of your strengths.
Surround yourself with people who will tell you straight. Take it and learn from it. They are doing it to make you better.
Invest in yourself. Develop your skill and talent or you will be left behind.
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