INVESTOR SPOTLIGHT, Tammy Wilson with State Farm Insurance
Today we had the chance to tour State Farm. As you enter, the inner building is beautifully and carefully decorated. The office all together looks very welcoming, which is great for that type of business where trust is required. I learned a lot about insurance and State Farm’s corporate structure, which was very intriguing. State Farm is interesting because the company doesn’t charge agents to use their branding. Well, not directly at least. A good portion of every agent’s earnings goes into a massive fund. State Farm makes much of its profits from the investment of those monies, not just insurance premiums. State Farm is even content losing money on some policies, as long as it’s not over a certain percentage. They also aren’t publicly traded because it is owned by their agents. I never imagined that State Farm, or any insurance company, could or would be structured this way, but looking back, it’s genius. The agents never have to worry about having enough money to cover accidents. The main drawback I see is that she doesn’t get to keep all of the profits she makes. Mrs. Kocher also stopped us to analyze the way she was speaking. I didn’t realize it until then, but I do believe she spoke a certain way intentionally. It was very persuasive. This skill of tone, phrasing, and hand gestures I feel is very often overlooked in business, but not an easy skill to build (at least for me). Overall, today was very educational in many areas, and I walked away with a pair of shades.
I also went and spoke to Rotary Club. This was a milestone for me because this was the first time I have publicly spoken and not had my voice shake or be overly nervous. Progress.

Thank you, Tammy Wilson, for investing in the youth both financially as an investor and in time as a mentor!

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